How AR Can Impact Your Entertainment Business

How AR Can Impact Your Entertainment Business

AR is one of the popular interactive technologies which is transforming businesses across industries from retail to healthcare. In the process, it brings in exciting and new opportunities for brand engagement and customers’/users’ satisfaction. The entertainment industry as a whole including museums, films, theatres has expanded rapidly by imbibing AR techniques to improve brand recognition and attract customers worldwide. Talking about the entertainment world, AR is regarded as an appropriate tool through which the brands can enable the users to communicate with the created characters in their desired ways. This is truly entertaining via social media integration.

AR can be utilized in the entertainment zone in various ways in terms of marketing and advertising. Considering the current growth rate of AR it can be predicted that by 2030 the value of the entertainment market utilizing this technology will reach a value of 4.5 billion. Well, this article probably will be of some help to meet your inspiration or curiosity regarding the AR implications in this spectrum.

Role Of Augmented Reality In Media and Entertainment

Transporting Users To An Interactive World

Among the most immersive types of AR, portals are quite popular. This is because they enable the users to get transported to different locations via their phone screens. There the interaction takes place in a 360-degree manner and the users can explore as per their preferences. Thus, this option can be suitable for you to promote your products or services in a particular location by recreating those whenever necessary.

Aladdin the Musical by Disney can be a good example of an AR entertainment portal. The portal enables users to click pictures and share those on social media.

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Face Filters: Talking about the effective forms of AR in the entertainment space, Face Filters remains the most popular one. This is because they can be easily shared on social networking platforms and are also fun. To experience this feature, the users need to get into their Instagram accounts where they can see a proliferation of Face Filters by giants like HBO and Netflix. The inherently shareable features of face filters have made it more desirable among the tech-savvy youths of today as they can make videos and images with effects. Those can be shared among the followers of the respective users creating a snowball effect.

World Lenses: Similar to the face filters, world lenses use the back camera. Here the 3D objects are placed in a real environment for immersive engagement. This feature fits well with in-person experiences and events. Brands can get engaged on a personal level and can reduce the monotony of long waits during special events or occasions. You can get in touch with a reputed AR app development company to deliver tailor-made solutions for increasing attraction and improving engagement.

Image Trackers: Last but not the least, AR has become a prominent face in books, posters, print magazines, etc. This feature helps in scanning particular pages from posters or magazines and augment those to avail additional information. The interactive visuals become instruments of business communication to convey the proper message for creating an impressive positioning in the minds of the customers/users.

An app development company having working proficiency in AR can make your entertainment business stand out in the current competition. Based on the nature and scope of your business process, you can imbibe this technology appropriately to create trends and establish benchmarks.

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Conclusion: Are you planning to enter the entertainment world as an entrepreneur? Bring in the much-needed transformation with AR and boost your brands’ recognition among the targeted customers/users. In today’s fast-paced world you can make the engagement immersive and fun with AR elements. Dynamism and innovation with AR are addictive and can indulge the users to crave for more.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, an eminent entity known for making exclusive apps for diverse businesses. His expertise in mobile technologies with an eye for detail can enable your brand to stand out with recognition and loyalty from the users/customers.

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