How Digital Marketing evolved!

How Digital Marketing evolved!

In some cases, there is the perception that marketing is dedicated to sales in different sectors of the industry and has no relevance in their daily life. Do you know what the evolution of marketing was? Let’s start with that. His reason for going further because it is in charge of creating desires and detecting human needs to satisfy them through a product and/or service.

According to Alberto Sangri Coral, author of the book Introduction to Marketing, he tells us that “From 1935, marketing was introduced in Mexico.” Since then, it has been reinventing itself day by day to reach the 3 phases of marketing today. These phases were broken down into what we know as marketing 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

3 phases of marketing evolution

Marketing 1.0 is focused on the product and, therefore, marketing strategies are aimed at the same, which seeks to meet the physical and functional needs. For this reason, brands are promoting advertising through ATL (Above the Line) media. It is today known as traditional and understands radio, television, and printed matter. studio22 This to increase sales for companies, thus creating one-way marketing.

Continuing with marketing evolution, we have marketing 2.0, which focuses mainly on consumers and their intrinsic needs. The objective here is that brands satisfy the needs of an individual and that engagement occurs with them. They must worry about selling, but go further. They must be anxious about the expressive value that they can create in the consumer. They give value to the person and interact with them both in traditional and digital ways to generate two-way marketing.

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And finally, the evolution of marketing led us to market 3.0,  which must be focused on people’s values, their way of interacting, and their way of thinking so that brands can innovate new products and launch them towards an actionable market segment or niche, based on more personalized attributes.

Today’s marketing must be more humane and sensitive to change, be it political, economic, social and emotional, holistic, and spiritual. The product must innovate in market strategies to convince customers. Among other aspects that characterize it is the relevance, they give to the environment, taking up new green marketing patterns to shape holistic marketing.

This leads us to understand the importance of the evolution of marketing in our lives. For example, day by day, we are bombarded by advertisements on the street, public transport, social networks, etc. The simple fact of carrying some Jeans in which different purchase motivators can be derived, for example, by brand, by fashion, by advertising or lifestyle, all this and more is MARKETING, that is, how you create your identity in front of society. Also read shawn Killinger .

This evolution of marketing does not entail that one side or another is more main. On the contrary, implementing one or more strategies will depend on the type of brand and its values and the knowledge of the target to which it is wanted. Hence the relevance and support provided by market research, which allows us to give a voice to the consumer and listen, observe, interact in a real way, and interpret the signs and symbols generated in their daily walk. They are generated to identify and generate ad-hoc strategies that achieve the long-awaited emotional link.

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The concept of marketing implies an action to conquer markets, analysis to understand them. An ideology for the construction of the consumer society, a holistic knowledge that allows us to establish an organic cycle between brands, products, services, segments, and contextualized communication for more assertive decision making.

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