How does Gamification Boost the Tourism Business?

How does Gamification Boost the Tourism Business?

In recent months, the tourism industry has been highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and people are trying to avoid visiting places. Many countries’ governments had also banned travel. The travel businesses were losing day by day, and the owners were worried because of the non-functional flights and airline industries.

But now the situation is changing, and the travel is getting resumed. People have now started traveling, and this is the right time to work on your tourism websites to make them more engaging and grab the attention of travelers. The lousy and inactive tourism website will not be able to stand among the crowd of travelers.

In order to maintain the business presence and active on online platforms for marketing, gamification is applied to the tourism business that actually helps in running the business when nothing is functioning. Make it exciting, exciting, and exciting!

Gamify your tourism website for more business

Value your customers to gain a better user experience is always a good practice for any business growth. Customers are the commerce!

In this blog, we will cover the details on how to gamify your tourism business and what gamification factors should be considered while developing your business.

Mold the shape of your static website into dynamic for a better approach. Let’s say if your website only deals in online hotel and ticket booking, guidance, and some general information of the places, it will not be enough to make it more engaging.

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Add a section where you can sell the required products for traveling, such as apparel, shoes, accessories, cameras, first aid kits, etc.

What do you need exactly?

First of all, you will need a gamification plugin to build point management systems where a user will interact with your website and earn points, discount offers, coupons, etc.

myCred (Points Management System) 

myCred is the best choice to gamify your tourism business for building loyalty programs and expanding your tourism business.

myCred offers an excellent add-ons list such as myCred Social Proof, myCred Social Share, myCred SpinWheel, myCred Progress Bar, etc. to mirth your users and dampen the risk of visitor diversions.

According to the source, video game playtime has increased 19.3 percent in the last year. Think about it and install arcade games on your tourism websites.

For example, build a strategy that if the users achieve particular levels, they will be rewarded with specific points, and those points can be redeemed as a discount for purchasing from your website. In such a case, the myCred arcade game add-on can be used for engagement and to reward points.


The spin-to-win wheels are the best marketing tools to shoot up your sales goal and let your visitors stay longer on your website to do more business.

OptinSpin gives a chance to first-time visitors to try their luck by spinning the captivating wheel. You can set different prices, coupons, or an extra spin opportunity for the users on each slice of the wheel.

Customize the OptinSpin wheel according to your corporate theme. Gamify your tourism business with this lead generation tool without any coding complexities.

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Various third-party integrations are supported to this aesthetically appealing fortunate wheel to make it more customizable and functional.

Why is gamification fruitful?

  • If you build a great user experience, the user will come back to your website for the next time for the next purchase.
  • Gamification builds your social reputation and markets your product without any hassles.
  • Gamify your tourism business ends up in making staunch customers and more lead generation.
  • The fun element builds the visitors’ interest in your website, and the chances are they will stay longer on your website.
  • Customers are motivated when they are provided with exciting discounts and promotions.
  • Guidance and virtual tour gamification methods make up the customers’ minds to make purchases from your website.
  • A referral system can be built by leaving a great user experience and adding value to your customers.

Wrapping Up!

The most captured market area is covered with the gamification techniques for any business. Gamifying your tourism business eventually benefits you, and there is no side effect of implementing gaming methods.

There are many ways to gamify your tourism business, but we have discussed the most demanding approaches to support your business.


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