How Effective is the Smart Home Technology?

How Effective is the Smart Home Technology?

With the technology being used to handle and utilize our daily tasks, it is not surprising that it is also being used to manage the automation system around the house. The internet of things and the advancement of technology paved the way for the smart home system. Connect with if you want this newly-built technology control the appliances in your home, manage thermostats, handle the light switches remotely, and many more.

Examples of Smart Home Technology

Smart home devices are controlled and accessed wirelessly through one central point, which is usually a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or gaming console. These smart home devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Door Locks. Smart home technologies can be used to manage smart door locks functions. Xfinity Home and Cox Homelife services have such features. You can lock or unlock your home from anywhere using a smartphone and internet connection. You can even have the garage door open from your smartphone while entering the street so you can bring the car inside. Or if you can’t recall whether you locked your door on your way out to the grocery store, you can double-check from your smartphone.
  • Video doorbells. This feature can allow you to monitor and record when someone is at your door and can be used to unlock the door as well. Another added bonus is that it will let you know if someone is loitering around your house. You can even check when someone like the mailman is arriving at your door. You can even schedule the doorbell to not ring at a specific time of the day.
  • Smart Heating. It is nice to find your home warm after a day of back-breaking activities at work, and you can make that possible through a smartphone while you are leaving the office. Smart heating technology in your home can be used to manage the heating system or smoke-detecting activity around the house.
  • Smart home automation system has even introduced technology for your gardening experience around the house. Smart plant sensors monitor the conditions of your plants and flowers, reminding you when and how you need to nourish them. With the help of a remote-controlled sprinkler system, you can manage the frequency of sprinklers, start time, duration, etc. Robot lawnmowers can cut the grass for you.
  • Personal Assistants. Smart personal assistants listen to instructions from you, process them, and execute those tasks. You can ask the smart PA to add in scheduled appointment to your digital calendar. The smart PA will remind you when it’s time for your scheduled appointment. You can even ask your smart assistant to play your favorite music. Examples of smart PA are Google Alexa, iPhone’s Siri, etc.
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Although smart home technology is becoming very useful in our homes, it carries a lot of potential for development as well.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is being utilized more and more every day, due to how efficient it is within our homes.

  • Smart home devices are all connected and can be accessed and controlled through any of your devices. This interconnectivity allows users to remotely manage and monitor the automation system around the house, like manage the thermostat, review camera footage, turn the lights on and off, etc.
  • Remote Monitoring. The smart home system can be accessed from any of your devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. from any place, any time. This provides you the opportunity to secure your home while you are away.
  • The smart home system also allows for customization according to your needs, for instance, you can modify your home temperature based on the weather conditions. Or you can also schedule the smart sprinklers for your garden, like have them turn on at 7 am every day.
  • Appliance safety. The smart home system also has a safety feature for your appliances. If you own a smart stove, and you leave the stove or oven on, the smart home system will detect if the stove and oven are not being used, and turn it off. You can also turn the stove off when you are away from home. This ensures safety from fire, gas leaks, or propane loss.

The possibilities with smart home technologies are endless and continuously developing. This technology appears to have various benefits in its usage. All of your smart devices, installed anywhere in the house, can be managed through your smartphone or laptop or any preferable device. Smart home technologies are very easy to use, as long as you’re are a little literate about the usage of technology.

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