How Is Your Website’s Health?

How Is Your Website’s Health?
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A website can unlock unprecedented opportunities for you. It can connect your business to the online world and open doors to a stream of prospects, potentially contributing to your business’s bottom line.

So, you invest many resources and deploy various search engine optimization or SEO online marketing techniques during web development to get your business a website that gets found and truly serves its purpose.

You make sure that the website offers a great user experience and converts more and more prospects into paying customers.

But merely developing “the perfect” website isn’t enough.

Starting your online journey with an optimized website does not guarantee that it will remain just as healthy forever and will continue to generate revenue for you.

Just like plants wither and die if they aren’t cared for regularly, your website also loses its health if you neglect its routine health and maintenance checks.

But what is a website’s health?

Your website’s health gives an overview of how profitable and productive your website is. It is defined by many variables, each of which must be maintained to preserve the website’s health.

A healthy website aligns with your business goals and serves to bring it closer to these goals with each of its aspects. Additionally, such websites are built for the customers and are user-focused in all their elements, from content to navigation. They are easier to navigate and convenient to inform and benefit the user.

Apart from that, a healthy website is optimized to rank higher in search results and loads perfectly on mobile devices.

Website load speed and overall performance are also key variables that define the health of your website.

While some of these variables can be taken care of in the initial web development phase, there are many features that your website can lose as it progresses, leading to degraded health.

In short, a website may be healthy at launch but can develop health concerns over time.

Some of these health concerns can be so critical that neglecting them can get your website kicked out of the search index, making it impossible for you to rank again, even with a strong SEO online marketing strategy.

Apart from SEO, a website’s health directly impacts its performance as well. And performance influences how your prospects perceive your business.

An unhealthy website becomes a breeding ground for numerous problems, leading to bad user experience, diminished search engine rankings, and sabotaged business reputation.

This means an unmaintained, and hence a sub-optimal website can drive your users away from your business.

In the modern world, people shop for almost everything online. So, by failing to attract and retain online prospects, an unhealthy website can shut the doors of your business to a stream of customers, reducing your revenue and hindering your success.

Therefore, in the modern competitive eCommerce space, only those websites remain in the game that manage to stay on top of the inevitable health concerns.

This is why keeping tabs on your website’s health is as critical as having a website in this internet-driven world.

You must run regular diagnostic tests to track common website health indicators and get a clear view of your website’s optimality (or lack of it).

But you can successfully identify and eliminate the common (yet potentially catastrophic) website health concerns only if you know what they are.

Landau Consulting, a NJ small business web design company, offers web development, maintenance, and SEO internet marketing services, and has created this infographic discussing common concerns you should keep track of to stay on top of your website’s health. Be sure to check it out!

How is Your Website


How is Your Website’s Health




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