How skip hire in Chorley can help you out this Christmas 

Christmas is a time for too many mince pies, chocolate for breakfast, and long overdue catchups with friends and family.

But all those presents and food shops bring a lot of mess – often too much to rely on general waste bins.

Skip hire in Chorley is the perfect way to keep your home clutter-free this Christmas.

Whether it’s a pre-season tidy-up or a deep-cleaning session to get ready for 2023, a domestic skip is a great fuss-free option for this busy period.

Here’s how skip hire in Chorley can benefit you.

Customise your waste removal with skip hire in Chorley

Domestic skips aren’t a one-size-fits-all service. You can pick when and where your skip gets delivered, along with the length of time you keep it for.

Skip hire in Chorley usually offers three different sizes to cater for all domestic projects.

2yrds – Although classed as a ‘mini’ skip, this is a great option if you know you’ll fill up your bin before collection day and don’t fancy a trip to the local waste centre on your time off work. You can fit around 20 full bin bags in a 2yrd skip.

4yrds – Slightly larger and great if you’re upgrading furniture (outdoor or indoor) and anticipating a lot of waste – up to 40 bin bags full. Does your Christmas list include some new wardrobes? A 4yrd skip is perfect for you.

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8yrds – If you’re using this time to get some DIY jobs done around the home, or some much-needed garden improvements ticked off the list, opt for an 8yrd skip, which holds 80 bin bags full of waste.

Smaller skips can usually be hired for a maximum of two weeks, while the largest size can be yours for three weeks.

Skip hire Chorley will save you time and money

The alternative to skip hire in Chorley over Christmas is relying on council-provided bins, or taking trips to the tip to dispose of larger items.

Bin collection days tend to move around towards the end of the year, so it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll remember, especially if your calendar is fully booked.

Do you really want to change out of your pyjamas to take a trip to the tip to get rid of boxes?

We didn’t think so.

Having a domestic skip on your doorstep makes waste removal a speedy process (you can even stay in your PJs if you really wanted to). It can be placed on your driveway or at the front of your home.

Please be aware that you will need a skip hire permit if you’re planning on having your skip placed on public land. This is usually organised by the skip provider, with any additional costs being added to your total bill.

Skip hire in Chorley is an eco-friendly option

Did you know that most domestic skip companies aim to recycle at least 90% of all the waste in every skip they collect?

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Companies like Skips Preston are one of them. If recycling isn’t possible, the remaining waste will be disposed of in an eco-conscious way to limit the amount of rubbish being taken to landfill.

Book skip hire in Chorley today

Is skip hire in Chorley something you think you could benefit from this Christmas?

Contact Skips Preston today by calling 01772 827 603. You can even book a skip online to guarantee a slot in time for Christmas.

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