How Things Being Changed In the Modern Education System

How Things Being Changed In the Modern Education System

Technology has made our lives way easier than it was in the past. From shopping to money transactions, life is smoother now with technology’s assistance. That being said, there is something else that has been highly benefited with the intervention of technology. That is education. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, technology has helped the academic world to wheel the vehicle of education. Then again, some of the stellar benefits need to be highlighted at this juncture. So, hold on and let us explore deeper to discover the seven ways technology has made education more convenient.

7 ways technology has effected education

  1. Education is now more convenient

One of the first things that have changed with technology’s intervention is the convenience of education. Our classrooms are not just bound to four walls now. Neither is it confined within the pages of books. Technology has also helped students receive education in rural areas, big cities, and small towns. We can now attend exclusive lectures from prominent professors all over the world with the help of technology. We do not have to travel overseas and spend thousands to attend one lecture.

  1. Technology helps to communicate

Technology has now made educational communication possible. We can communicate with our teachers regarding our assignments through academic forums. Their academic suggestions do not get lost. And we don’t need to jotter every tiny detail down. The chatrooms store every suggestion for us that we receive from our teachers. We can also connect and communicate with multiple other students through exclusive inter-school chatrooms all over the world. And, we can thus communicate and exchange academic materials of our schools and vice versa.

  1. Abundant resources

We all know at this stage that technology has helped us with abundant resources. Before, gaining access to exclusive & unpublished books and journals was nothing less than impossible. But now, with the boon of technology and multiple online resources, gaining access to unpublished journals of celebrated professors is a piece of cake. Apart from that, numerous e-books and documentaries, and video lectures are now accessible online for free. This helps us to gain more vivid and precise knowledge about our subjects.

  1. Learning is personal

Learning abilities, as we now know, differ from one student to another. Technology has now made learning more accessible and personalised with the help of virtual learning. Different learning style such as aural courses, augmented videos, and physical learning is now available through technology. We now have the opportunity to choose personal learning styles and make the most of technology. With the help of technology, our learning materials are also personalised now. We can now select personalised study materials. And prepare our homework the similar way we choose to learn.

  1. Learning flexibility

Flexibility is the key to higher learning and more profound knowledge. Therefore flexibility in education is vital. With technology now taking over the good parts of our lives, learning has become flexible. Unlike in the past, we do not struggle with our homework and our assignment. We can connect to specialised online tutors for our math, English, computer, and programming help. With technology, we also have the flexibility to upload our homework from any place we want to. We don’t need to go to schools to submit our work. That said, learning materials can be saved and read from any place and speed we want to access them.

  1. Education is fun

Technology has made learning fun for us. We can now learn through graphic images, fun videos and fascinating documentaries, and other fun ways. Other than that, we have different academic platforms where our teachers and private tutors use enhanced, colourful videos to draw our attention. As our and upcoming generation become more technologically advanced. We find new tools like YouTube and other social platforms more educational than the conventional method of learning. With that, virtual games are also becoming a major part of education now. Teachers and professors are using this method as a fun process to teach us many important and integrated academic lessons.

  1. Save paper, save the earth

Let us now address the elephant in the room. That is, the environment and quite literally the elephants and other animals. With the help of advanced technology, we can now learn and save our environment equally. For example, E-learning and e-reading have helped us to cut down on our paper usage. This, in turn, is saving millions of trees from being cut down. Technology has also made keeping track of student progress reports and other academic factors paperless. Thus, our united initiative of e-learning is helping us to learn better and save our planet.

Parting words

Technology has made education more advanced and is slowly helping us to save our planet earth. Technology is now helping us to learn in each step of our lives. Academic podcasts, short science videos, and e-books are constantly filling our undeniable hunger for education. With that, technology is also helping us to save the planet through lesser usage of paper and reuse of paper. The modern education system has changed immensely and is very different than that of the past. We need to make the best usage of this and grasp everything we want to. And keep growing in our lives.


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