How To Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook?

How To Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook?

to Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook users can try out this amazing application. The application is easy to be used and does its task smoothly without creating any obligations to the users. It is a simple and well-tested application that can be used by users.

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With this amazing application, users can now fix any amount of PST files in just one go. By following just a few steps users can fix their PST files. The instant result is provided by the application to the users. Apart from it, without any loss or leakage to the data, a reliable result is provided to the users. Many advanced features are also provided by the application so that are able to conveniently fix the PST files that they want. Also, the application can be used in any of the Windows OS as the compatibility provided by the application is amazing. Simply and easily all the PST files can be fixed effortlessly and efficiently using this amazing tool.

Let us study more about the fixing of PST files.

What are the methods to Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook?

Users can Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook either by choosing two of the ways.

  • By manual method
  • By professional method

Manual method

Manually fixing the PST file size can be done by the users. Let us discuss the manual method to Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook.

Step 1- Firstly, download and start the MS Outlook

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Step 2- Now, click on the “file” menu and select account settings. From the account, setting tab choose the account setting option

Step 3- From the dialog box choose the add button from the data file tab

Step 4- Now enter the name of the files with the .ost extension and click on the ok button

Step 5- Take a preview of these files in the data files tab

Step 6- Now, go to the File menu and choose the “open and export” button, and then select the “Import/Export” option

Step 7- Now an “Import and export” window will occur

Step 8- Select the “Export a file” option and then choose the next button

Step 9- Now, choose the “Outlook data file” and again click on the Next button

Step 10- Select the folder at which you want to export, if you want to include the subfolders then you can also export the subfolders

Step 11- Now, select a location to save the exported files and select the option whether you want to allow to create a duplicate item or not

These steps are difficult to be followed by any user.

Professional method

The professional method to Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook is provided below. Let us study this professional method Softaken Outlook PST Recovery.

Step 1- Install the Softaken Outlook PST Recovery in your system

Step 2- Now, start the tool

Step 3- Select the PST files that you want to fix

Step 4- Preview the selected files that you want to fix

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Step 5- Locate the path for saving the fixed PST file

Step 6- Finally, hit the “generate” button

Users are able to reliably follow the above steps without any hurdle. These steps can be followed by every user conveniently. Screenshots of the steps are also provided by the application.

Limitations of manual method

The limitations of going through the manual method to fix the PST files are provided below.

  • No user-friendly interface
  • Is not a safe platform to Fix PST File Size that Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook
  • Does not provide an accurate result
  • Non-tech users find it difficult to use
  • Consumes a lot of time of the users

Pros of using a professional method

Users must use the professional method to Fix PST File Size Exceeds Than 2GB On Outlook as the application provides users a:

  • Great compatibility to the users
  • No error is faced by the users
  • Can be used by any user without any trouble
  • Fix any amount of PST files
  • Easy to be used
  • Provides a customer care service to the users


Use this amazing application to fix PST files smoothly by using Softaken Outlook PST Recovery tool. The application is easy to be handled and thus users are able to fix PST files. A demo version is also provided by the application for the users that provides to fixing of a few of the PST files. It is recommended to first try the demo version of the application and then buy the licensed version. Thus, users can fix any amount of PST files using the licensed version of the application.

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If any users have doubts or queries regarding the application or the fixing of the PST files then they can contact the customer service of the application which is available for 24*7 hrs. Try this amazing application now!


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