How to Learn Maths on Your Own

How to Learn Maths on Your Own

Mathematics is one of the most important sciences, and not only at school but also in our daily lives. Often, you will need mathematics skills in your career or your everyday life. Simply put, you cannot do without this fascinating subject. Even though math is taught at school, you can miss some topics along the way. You can quickly learn on your own the overlooked topics and understand well. Let’s figure out how to learn math on your own.

Learn, Improve your math skills and get smarter

This guide is ideal for those who graduated from high school long ago but desired to go to college or university and specialize in a technical specialty. In this case, you also need to comprehend math from scratch or just get smarter and improve knowledge in those topics that were not understood during study or were forgotten.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before embarking on studying mathematics, you should prepare yourself mentally. This is especially true for those people who didn’t learn math at school. After all, it so happens that a person does not have a mathematical but a humanitarian mindset. Here is what to do to prepare yourself mentally;

  • Before starting classes, give yourself a good rest. For example, taking a walk in the park or doing some physical exercises.
  • Tune in to memory training to remember the rules and formulas. They are not as complicated as they seem.
  • Understand that solving many problems and examples, building shapes and graphs, and various geometric is an exciting process that can be applied in practice.
  • Postpone entertainment, communication with friends. Let the central part of the time be devoted to the study of incomprehensible topics.
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Assess your mathematical knowledge

Students need to assess their knowledge. For example, you are a 9th-grade student, or it is summer at the moment, and the goal is to learn well the previously missed and misunderstood topics. What you do is to open the 5th-grade textbook, find complex math problems, and solve them. You can also start with free math games that are fun and try to evaluate your mathematical skills. If your answers are correct, proceed to the next task for the 6th grade and solve them, and so on. It is advisable to solve a couple of tasks from each topic.

There will undoubtedly be a problem that you find difficult to solve. For example, the topic is related to quadratic equations, but the example is given in two products with brackets that need to be expanded. And you forgot the rules for opening parentheses. In this case, it is worth noting in a separate sheet that you need to figure out where the “+” sign is put and where the “-” character is put when opening the brackets.

Try solving math equations on your own

It is pretty difficult to study this subject on your own, especially when compared to history or geography. Nevertheless, if you have free time, you can solve the examples yourself. This may require a detailed study of more straightforward topics, which are mainly included in the 5th-grade curriculum.

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