How To Make a Great Business Presentation + 7 PowerPoint Templates Inside

How To Make a Great Business Presentation + 7 PowerPoint Templates Inside

Secrets of Creating Great Business Presentations & 7 Premium PowerPoint Presentations

Creating a business presentation takes a lot of time because the user must pay due attention to each slide and reveal the product or service from the most beneficial side. You need to choose colors, fonts, icons, and much more to achieve an excellent result. However, with the help of professional advice from designers & other specialists, you can cope with the task faster and more efficiently! Check out Creative Fabrica for awesome free fonts!

The MasterBundles team has a lot of experience in the field of design, so we have prepared some useful information for those who want to create high-quality and aesthetic presentations. And, of course, at the end of the article, there will be examples of great templates!

Tips For Making a Splendid Presentation

So, whether you use the original PowerPoint templates, take a basic layout, or create something of your own, here are a few guidelines to follow. They solve most of the key problems that users may encounter while working on a presentation. What should be remembered?

  1. No information overload! Throwing a bunch of text blocks and pictures into a presentation will only put the audience to sleep. Keep slides free and not overloaded.
  2. Make interactive slides. Remember to keep the audience’s attention — design one or more pages so that you can lead a discussion on the topic presented.
  3. Do not use comic pictures or GIF files. Many people like to end their speech with funny images or memes, but in a business presentation this is not always appropriate, so do not overdo it with humor.
  4. Less about yourself, more about the product. People are egocentric and according to statistics, the most uninteresting part of the presentation is the speaker’s long stories about himself/herself or the company. So give 80% of your attention to a product or service by telling what problems it will help customers to solve.
  5. Use infographics and diagrams instead of text. If you need information that cannot fit into 50-60 words, then you should not make a huge paragraph for the entire slide — put the facts briefly, put them into a diagram, and specify the details verbally.
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Remembering all the rules and sticking to them can be difficult, so you can use ready-made templates made by professionals.

How To Choose a Ready-Made Template?

Great, you`ve decided to follow the last advice and choose ready-made business PowerPoint templates from one of the marketplaces. The assortment is usually quite wide, so the choice can be a problem. In fact, there is a small guide on how to choose the perfect set without spending hours on it:

  1. Determine the size of the desired presentation. If it`s large or you will need to apply this template in the future, then pay attention to sets of 50+ slides.
  2. Check how customizable the template is. This is quite important because the easier it is to set up the kit, the more versatile it is — that is, you can use it almost an unlimited number of times.
  3. Explore whether the color scheme of the template can be changed so that you can choose the most suitable palette for your brand or product design.
  4. Make sure there is a Drag & Drop feature for easy placement of visual objects.
  5. Check how comfortable and modern the fonts used in the template are, and whether other options of your choice can be imported there.
  6. If you constantly create business presentations, then pay attention not to separate sets, but to complex bundles with a lot of options — a one-time purchase will save you time in the future.

And of course, make sure that the marketplace provides the ability to purchase items for commercial and advanced commercial use, such as MasterBundles.

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7 Examples Of Classy Business Presentation Templates

You`ve already seen the basic tips for creating a great presentation or choosing the most suitable template. Now it’s time to study examples of kits with the most successful design and other parameters.

Pro Presentation Animated Template

A multifunctional template will allow you to cope with most of the purposes of the presentation, including the successful presentation of information, the demonstration of various photo and video materials, as well as the presentation of statistical data using infographics.

Annual Report – Animated Template

An excellent combination of white, juicy yellow, gray, and brown immediately pleases the eye! With this template, users will be able to arrange almost any information so that the audience will eagerly catch every word.

Business Infographics

Infographics are one of the most important elements in business presentations. That’s why this template focuses on this type of object. The complex contains free fonts and 25 slides with a user-friendly design.

EZRA Business Minimal Template

A stylish, discreet and incredibly aesthetic EZRA template is ideal for the business sector. It is especially relevant for presentations in the field of fashion, photography, cooking, and other creative branches.

Huge SWOT Presentation Bundle: 300 Slides

High-quality SWOT analysis and presentation of its results is not an easy task, but with the help of a huge template of 300 slides, the process will be easier for any specialist. Six different color combinations allow you to match the design with the presented visual materials.

Business Presentation

The understated blue and white design of this template looks very professional and is ideal for most business purposes. Product presentation, creation of a new project, review of a new service — all this can be presented using this set.

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Another interesting task for a specialist includes a competent presentation of a business plan. To achieve a great design and a clear conception, you can use this template! Contrasting colors on white and black backgrounds, great shade combinations, and a ton of different slide structures make creating a presentation easy and enjoyable.

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