How to Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC EPFO

How to Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC EPFO

UPSC conducts EPFO exam for the recruitment of posts like Enforcement Officer/Accounts Officer. The post is a much dreamt career for many people. This exam is not that hard to crack if proper preparation tips and tricks are followed. UPSC EPFO exam will have two levels for its recruitment process – a written test and an interview. 

Those who qualify the written test are eligible for taking part in the interview. The selected candidates from the interview are recruited for the post. The current affairs section is very important for both the written test and the interview.There is a topic called current events and development issues for the written test and questions from current affairs will be a sure question in the interview. It is very easy to learn current affairs with memory tips and daily practice.

Read Newspapers

Newspapers are the cheapest way to have maximum knowledge. There will be many different topics in the newspaper from exam point of view. We can take notes on history, geography, politics, economics, sciences, general knowledge and current affairs topics from newspapers. Current affairs are daily updated in the newspapers with reliable information. Don’t rely on all the newspapers for your information. Select the best ones likeThe Hindu, The Indian Express etc, which can provide you with the proper knowledge.

Have a Deep look at Magazines

There are many weekly and monthly magazines available on online and offline platforms. The magazines are actually a compilation of the general knowledge and current affairs of a certain period. Be selective in the case of magazines too. Don’t read all the magazines available to you. Instead, read the best ones like Kurukshethra , Yojana, Frontline, The week etc.You can know all the news and current affairs from these magazines if you follow these magazines. 

Make use of online learning

E learning helps you to get all the news, information, general knowledge and current affairs in one place. Apps like Entri provide you with all the information you need in an updated format. Latest information, exam updates and notifications are shared there. Along with that, current affairs, weekly vocabulary, quizzes, and practices are all available on online platforms. Compiled notes and pdf notes can be referred for your use. It will be a useful medium for knowledge for all competitive exams.

Seek Help From Experts

Even if you have learnt all the topics and covered all of the syllabus, you might need the help of experts and trainers to help you with memory problems and other personal challenges for exam preparations. At such times, an expert can help you to overcome all the challenges and help you with required tips and ways to solve your queries. It is also important to clear all your doubts to be an efficient learner. Experts can help you clear all your doubts and make you comfortable with all of your difficult topics. 

Have a personal note of your own 

No matter If you are depending on an online or offline medium for learning current affairs, you should have a personal note of your own for current affairs. Since the first day of your preparations, keep it updated everyday.It would be good if you use google docs or some kind of online tools to keep your data safe and secure. The main advantage of saving the note as online is that the chances of losing the file is really low. The file will be saved and it also saves more time than manually scribing your notes. It’s okay to use the method which you find the most comfortable. 

Learn from the previous

Attempt previous year question papers and mock tests to get used with the questions. Having multiple choices can confuse you during the exams. When practicing previous year question papers, don’t just look at the correct answers, but also look at other choices for a question and find all the information about that particular answer. It might be valuable information for your exam. 

Every exam has its own difficulty and pace. Knowing the difficulty and pace can help you win the exam more effortlessly. Prepare well and perform your best in the exams.


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