How to Show Appreciation in a Letter

Letters are written for a variety of reasons – to share stories, to talk about new things, to be updated with the people or things around us, to ask a favor or give opinion and also to express appreciation. Gratitude is a positive character of a person which shows kindness and thoughtfulness. Being grateful is a good feeling, it uplifts your spirits and makes you see the good things and deeds around you.

Whether you are about to say a simple casual ‘thank you’ in a letter to a colleague or you want to express your gratitude in a formal way, such as a customer appreciation letter; a thank you letter should very well represent your message in a personal and authentic way. After all, grateful people have a happy disposition. So, start writing a letter of appreciation now!

How to write a letter of appreciation:

The key to showing your appreciation in your letter is to keep it sincere and simple. Here’s what you need to include-


It is very common for many to start the letter by simply writing “Hi (name of receiver)” which is quite fine in a very informal correspondence. But if you are about to show your appreciation in a letter in a more formal matter, say you are writing for your boss or client you may start with “Dear Ms./Mr. (surname)” instead. This will show professionalism as well as respect.


The body of letter must hit the sweet spot. This will express your gratitude by stating some specifics. You can mention the things that the recipient has helped you with or has granted favors for you. By stating specific circumstance that made you feel indebted or grateful will create a sincere personal touch in your letter of appreciation. Details will show that you value the extra effort of that person. Referring to a particular event is more effective.


Simple remarks such as “Thanks again” and “Warmest regards” will do. The closing or ending remark of your letter should include your name/signature.

Your letter of appreciation

Write your letter as soon as possible and try sending the appreciation letter or email as soon as possible. For instance, if you have an informational interview with a someone, send a thank-you letter by the next day. Of course, you want the receiver of the letter to remember what you are thanking him or her for.

Your appreciation letter should clearly explain your reason for writing. It should be kept short, focused, and concise. Don’t go on for too long. Typically, a couple of paragraphs is sufficient to express your gratitude or appreciation.

Remember that your letter should always show sincerity. You should show your gratitude sincerely but briefly by simply stating how much you value someone’s help or achievement.

Before sending, make sure to proofread your letter to appear professional and polished, even in an appreciation letter. It should be polished but not to a point that it might sound unreal or insincere. Always put your heart when making your letter of appreciation so the receiver will truly feel the message you want to send him or her.


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