How to Use Pinterest for Marketing: Top 4 Strategies for Small Businesses

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing: Top 4 Strategies for Small Businesses

A few years back you may be using Pinterest for buying outfits, trying new workouts full of fun and searching for beautiful décor for your home. But with the passing of time this platform became more and more popular and today you can use it for the purpose of marketing also. Are you interested in knowing that for targeting the users on this platform what marketers do? They share the irresistible content with the Pinterest users so as to target them. This platform has become a preferred choice for marketers as it has more than 250 million users.

The content plays a major role on this platform and it is evident from the fact that by seeing the content the decision of buying something is taken by 90 % of the Pinterest users. Now I am going to share how to use Pinterest for marketing. Here are the top 4 strategies for small businesses.

  1. Go for distributing your content – Visual content is preferred by a lot of Pinners which are nearly 85 %. So, you can use Pinterest for distributing content of all types. This platform contains live links that are clickable and this feature is not present on Instagram. There are several boards on this platform on which you can share the content. Your Pins are basically saved on the boards. The followers can search and look into your content that is distributed by the boards. There is no limit on the number of boards that you can use. On the basis of plans, ideas and themes, organizing the boards is possible
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It is also possible to create group boards but for that inviting other people is necessary. As a result, a lot of people will interact with you and your engagement will increase.

  1. Create a community – The online communities have a number of features:
  • For businesses of various types these act as hubs.
  • Here the people with the same mindset come together.

Similarly, a Pinterest community takes part in:

  • Driving traffic.
  • Consuming content that you have created.
  • Interacting with the boards that you have created.

The monthly users of Pinterest are more than 335 million. It is possible to get customers from the Pinterest community but for that, you need to engage users on the Pinterest boards.

Steps to get followers on this platform

For getting followers and fans on this platform you need to follow a number of steps:

  • Use other networks of social media for promoting your account on this platform.
  • Become a follower of that account which in return can become your follower.
  • For the purpose of increasing the followers, your competitor may be using some strategies. Get to know about these strategies.
  • The posts that you create need to include keywords and hashtags in them.
  • Use this platform for running ads with the help of its ads account. It requires a considerable amount of money to be paid.
  1. Use this platform for educating customers – You can educate the customers with the help of links, how-tos, infographics and tutorials on this platform. For engaging the customers and educating them, this channel can play a very good role as it contains a lot of visual content.
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By considering the target audience you have to create and share content on this platform. For appealing to the buyer personas, current customers and target audience on this platform you can follow a number of steps:

  • In order to identify the content that appeals to these people you need to perform the buyer personas’ research.
  • Get feedback from customers and followers for identifying their requirements from this platform.
  • For creating unique content, get inspiration from the competitors.
  • Know about the interest of your audience by seeing your customers’ boards and current followers’ boards.
  1. Increase your online sales and drive a lot of website traffic – This platform has a very good feature that on a different website, your visual content can be easily linked. You can get your website users back by sharing the visual content as well as written content with the help of this feature.

For boosting your online sales this strategy of marketing is very helpful. It will be possible to drive traffic on this platform if on your website if you will integrate Pinterest and as a result, your follower count will increase.

Contact a digital marketing company if you want to design a website for yourself.

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