How VSI Jaipur is giving the Best CA Final Result Consistently?

How VSI Jaipur is giving the Best CA Final Result Consistently?

CA final exam is the last step toward becoming a Chartered Accountant. To reach and clear this final level of exam, aspirants face dozens of burdens. However, in the end, every student wishes to get the best CA final result. In the past several years, VSI Jaipur proved to be the best learning center for the CA final exam. Seeing the past years, VSI Jaipur consistently gave the best CA Final exam result and proved to be the most trustworthy institute for exams preparation. In May 2019, VSI Jaipur student Ajay Agarwal got the ever-highest marks in the CA Final exams.

VSI CA Final Result July 2021

VSI secured a good CA Final result in the attempt of July 2021. Most VSI students who appeared for the CA final exam of July 2021 get 60% above in many subjects. As per the results, the students carry an excellent position in the All India Rank. This is because of the efforts and the teaching quality of VSI that helped many students clear one of India’s toughest exams. Here is some reflection of VSI Jaipur’s CA final result July 2021.

More Than 60 Marks
SFM 90 Above marks 4 students
80 Above marks 19 students
70 Above marks 47 students
60 Above marks 87 students
FR 70 Above marks 13 students
60 Above marks 59 students
DT 70 Above marks 6 students
60 Above marks 34 students
IDT 70 Above marks 4 students
60 Above marks 14 students
Elective 70 Above marks 6 students
60 Above marks 21 students

How are VSI’s Students Getting the Best CA Final Result?

CA Final result pass percentage 2021 shows how much effort VSI put in to secure a good student result. The study material provided by VSI covers the entire CA Final syllabus, along with topics from past year papers and mock test papers. The syllabus is completed in the due period, with frequent doubt sessions. VSI’s mock test series make aspirants capable enough of facing the difficulties of the CA final exam. Afterward, based on each student’s performance, personalized guidance is given to them to achieve the desired CA Final exam result.

1. Empowered and Experienced Teaching Faculty

The main aim of VSI is to give good results to the students. For that purpose, VSI Jaipur appoints the best CA teachers and gives them enough authority. The teachers at VSI are highly qualified, competent, and experienced in their respective subjects. The faculty plays a crucial role in why VSI Jaipur has this impressive CA final passing percentage. The faculties provide good study plan to the aspirants in theory and practical subject. The teaching staffs are supportive and also assist in preparing the study plan so that the students to get the desired CA final result.

2. Follow updated and latest ICAI Study Material

Following the ICAI study material is crucial as it is the base through which the question papers are made, and many institutes don’t do that. The best part of VSI is that it always follows the latest and updated study material issued by ICAI. The institute conducts its classes and formulates mock test papers so that students can know about the question pattern and difficulty level of the exam.

3. Regular Mock Test Series

During the preparation for CA Final exams, VSI conducts mock tests series covering 100% syllabus. The mock test papers are based on the main paper’s difficulty level and the latest mock test paper. Giving VSI’s mock test papers helps in getting the feel of actual exams and shows an accurate picture of your preparation. Additionally, VSI provides previous year mock test question papers to the students to know about the question pattern. This regular mock test series help the aspirants to secure a good position and clear their final CA exam.

4. Personalized Guidance

The one that many students like about VSI is the personal guidance they receive. According to VSI Director, CA RC Sharma sir, personalized guidance plays 50% role in cracking the CA exams. This helps students get to know their weak and strong areas and have a proper plan on what topics to work on.

5. Frequently doubt solving sessions.

To clear all the concepts and doubts of the students, VSI frequently conducts doubt-solving sessions. In these sessions, subject matter experts of VSI clear all the doubts of students about any topic. This is crucial to increase the students’ self-confidence and get them in a good position to clear the exams.

6. Online and Pen Drive classes

Due to COVID-19, many students can’t study properly due to the lockdown. However, this is not the case with VSI, as they already have a robust system for conducting the online and pendrive classes. This makes it easier for all the VSI students to study properly, even in the lockdown. Besides this, VSI is providing the study material and the mock test questions PDFs to the students for better preparation. As a result, many students got a good CA Final result 2021, a time where it is the most challenging one.

7. Best and strict study plan

VSI makes a good study plan to help students complete the CA Final syllabus on time and get an excellent CA Final result. This study plan by VSI provides different time slots for theory and practical subjects, ICAI MTPs. Moreover, it also makes it possible for students to revise the complete syllabus at least 2-3 times.

Why Join VSI for CA Final Preparation?

VSI is among the best coaching in India for CA final preparation. VSI is on the verge of changing the entire scenario of CA with its high-quality teaching strategies. Moreover, it gives the latest study materials, helps students clear all their doubts, and provides the mock test session, which helps get a better result. Many students secure good rank in CA final result Jan 2021, or July 2021, or May 2019. Therefore it is the best CA Coaching Institute for CA preparation.

Check what CA RC Sharma sir have to say about why is VSI different from other institutes.

Contact Details of VSI Jaipur

Head Office & Study Center – K-50 Bhawana Tower Income Tax Colony, Tonk Road, Near Durgapura Bus Stand, Jaipur

Contact No. – 7821821250, 9351468666

For Online Course – (+91) 9358-900-493(+91) 9358-900-497


With the right approach and right mindset, you can achieve your desired goal. So if you are looking for an institute for quality preparation and getting the best CA Final result, you are in the right place. Join VSI today if you want to become a CA in the future. To contact us go through the contact details mentioned above.


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