Imeila Fonua Offers His Top 5 Tips on How to Ace a Job Interview  

 Imeila Fonua Offers His Top 5 Tips on How to Ace a Job Interview  

Job hunting can be stressful, and interviews are even more anxiety-inducing. Senior Technical Recruiter Imelia Fonua is an expert in locating talent for mid to senior-level roles in numerous industries. He recently offered his top five tips for how to ace a job interview.

About Recruiter Imelia Fonua

Fonua is a top technical recruiter who attributes much of his success to his diverse experiences at work and in life. He currently works for Meta Internet Publishing where he helps build technology to connect people online. This tech company leads the way in developing virtual reality experiences to connect people. Fonua understands what executives, managers, and other leaders seek in their employees, and he offers his interview tips to help match individuals with potential work opportunities.

Know the Employer’s Ins and Outs

Knowing about the potential employer is one of the top pieces of research to do before a job interview. Understanding the company’s goals, mission, and accomplishments shows the potential employee cares about the business’ success. Fonua suggested studying the company’s website to learn their latest achievements, announcements, company values, and a bit of background information about the executive officers.

Research Common Interview Questions and Practice Them

Companies are getting more creative with their interview questions, but many still use variations of the classics. A few quick searches for the most common interview questions online can help interviewees prepare for questions that will likely be asked. Fonua recommended practicing answering these questions with a friend or family member. Responses should always be relevant to the company, the position, personal/company goals, and qualifications.

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Ask Questions

Imelia Fonua explained many interviewees focus so directly on the questions the interviewer will ask that they forget to come prepared with their own questions.

A potential job candidate should ask several informed questions that discuss what they want to know about the company, its workplace culture, and possibly what they can expect as far as growth.

Bring the Right Items

In this digital age, it may seem necessary to only bring a smartphone to an interview, but interviewers appreciate someone who is more prepared. Imelia Fonua suggests bringing several resume copies and a notebook and pen. Interviewers don’t want to see candidates typing away on their phones (it appears as texting), so writing in a notebook is an effective way to record thoughts and important information.

Don’t Forget About the Follow Up

The interview process doesn’t end when the employer says they will be in touch. There are more actions an interviewee can take to attempt to secure the position.

Fonua suggests sending a “thank you” email within one day after the interview is complete. In addition to gratitude, this email should also express interest in the position. Following this email, Fonua recommends waiting one week after the job opening closes to send another email expressing enthusiasm for the job.

The skills required for acing job interviews come naturally to some, and others require hours of practice. Fonua expressed that the three key elements of acing an interview include researching, planning, and practicing. The goal is for the interviewee to make a lasting impression on the hiring team and prove they’re the best candidate for the position, whether they have the most experience or not.

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“The best candidate isn’t always the one with the best resume are strongest credentials,” Imelia Fonua said. “So don’t count yourself out if that’s not you. Many companies are looking for a determined, goal-driven individual who can help them achieve their goals.”

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