Is Asphalt Roofing Worth Your Money?

Is Asphalt Roofing Worth Your Money?

Well, asphalt roof may be the most commonly found roofing system in North America, it’s normal to question its reliability when you are making a home. If you are planning to make a new home for yourself or are just interested to know whether an asphalt roof is a good option, you have landed on the right page. Let us dive into the history, benefits, and limitations of an asphalt shingle roof.

History Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt concrete has been used to make roofing materials long before 1900s. The manufacturing process has undergone several changes. The asphalt cement was cut into strips giving rise to single tab and multi-tab roofing shingles around 1901. Since then they have been used for building house roofs. The composition of asphalt shingles has improved to make them more durable and resilient. Technology has provided us with varying options in color, texture, and design.

Benefits Of Asphalt Roofs

Let us see the benefits of asphalt roofs or why is it so hard for other roofing materials to beat their popularity.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal reasons make it the best shingle roofing in North Arlington NJ. Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles. You can pick your favorite shingle type to complement the style and color of your house.

Thanks to the advanced technologies you can install asphalt shingles that mimic slate, wood, cedar, or any other roofing material. This gives you the freedom to make a unique roof for your home without breaking your budget. You can choose between neat, flat, and uniform looks and make your house stand out from the neighborhood.

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Easy Installation

As asphalt shingles have been in use for more than a century, you can find several roofing contractors for the installation job. You do need a person who understands the roofing system well but you don’t have to hunt for a competent company with limited options at your disposal. Moreover, the installation process is very easy. As a result, roofers complete the work in shorter time frames passing the savings onto you.

Can Last For As Long 20-25 Years

If properly installed and taken care of, asphalt roofs can last as long as 30 years. The average lifespan is considered between 20-25 years but with very good maintenance you can stretch it further. The ideal weight of asphalt shingles plays a critical role in achieving longevity. They are not too light to be damaged by winds and not too heavy to require reinforcement.


When you compare the costs and average lifespans of all the roofing materials, asphalt roof gives the best bang for your buck. So if you are looking for high performance at a lower cost, this is your best option.

Simple And Easy Maintenance

Asphalt shingles not only provide better integration with other roof features but is relatively easier to maintain. The damaged and broken shingles can be easily repaired or replaced. Just every other roofer or handyman can handle the patchwork or repairs. You are not always bound to work with the company that installed the roof. You can find a new repair contractor anytime you want to.

Sound Dampening Effects

One amazing feature of an asphalt roof is its sound dampening effects. It can be significantly quieter as compared to the metal roofs. If you have chosen the right design and shingle type, you can enjoy commendable sound insulation at affordable costs.

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Energy Efficient Roofs

It might surprise you but an asphalt roof is an energy-efficient choice. The underlayment and the entire roofing installation provide good insulation against heat loss making your home energy efficient. You will not be paying high energy bills unless the roof is leaky or damaged.

Fire Resistant With Class A Fire Rating

When asphalt shingles are installed with fiberglass matting, they offer superior fire resistance. These shingles feature the highest fire rating, Class A. Make sure you are purchasing the right kind of asphalt shingle and hiring the best shingle roofer in North Arlington NJ to make the most of your investment.


In past, asphalt shingles went to landfills for removal. These days there are several options for recycling. They can be repurposed into other products making them a sustainable or eco-friendly option.

What Are Its Limitations?

Just like every other roofing material, asphalt has got its limitations. Although very few as compared to its benefits, consider the following.

Not Meant For Flat Roofs

If your house has got a flat roof, asphalt roofing shingles are not meant for it. That’s because they will wear out from weathering much more quickly.

Less Durable

It may be the best bang for your buck but when durability is your priority, several other roofing materials can beat asphalt roofs.

Despite these limitations, asphalt shingle roofing is worth every penny one can spend on it!






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