Is Ceramic Coating Suitable For Exhaust?

Ceramic coatings are nothing but liquid polymers. These polymers are also known as SiC and are made of silicon carbide. These polymers are applied over the surface layer like paint or spray at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. The heat melts down the polymer, and it gets attached to any surface permanently after cooling down. Ceramic coatings have become very popular in the snowmobile aftermarket industry due to their many benefits, such as corrosion and scratch resistance, better looks, and even minor performance gains. They also work great as cheap exhaust wraps. There are companies like that apply ceramic coatings to the inside of headers, coat mufflers, and other parts of the snowmobile exhaust system to reduce heat and improve performance.

A Look At The Exhaust System

The exhaust system is one of the essential parts of your snowmobile as it is responsible for reducing the harmful gases from your engine. After completing their task, these gases pass through the exhaust system before being released into the atmosphere. You can make your exhaust system more efficient by applying a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating can be a wise investment for the life and performance of your exhaust system, and you will have no problems during your winter travels. But is ceramic coating suitable for exhaust? Let us look at this topic in more detail to understand if ceramic coating provides any benefits or if it is simply a waste of money.


Process of Applying Ceramic Coating 


Applying the ceramic coating is similar to waxing, but there are a few differences. 

Step 1: First, the surface must be clean and free of any oils or contaminants. Wash the snowmobile using a pH-neutral shampoo or clay bar to remove any embedded grime or contamination on the surface.


Step 2: Use a pre-coat cleaning solution to remove all oil and residues.


Step 3: Use a detailing clay bar to remove any industrial fallout, rail dust, brake dust, and other. Debris could have remained from the previous steps.

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Step 4: Apply the primer/base coat to help bond the ceramic coating.


Step 5: Apply the ceramic coating.


Step 6: Allow time for the coating to cure.


How long does a ceramic coating last?

Knowing how long a ceramic coating lasts is essential if you love your snowmobile. The answer is that it depends on your location and how often you use your snowmobile. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, you’ll want to coat your snowmobile at least once a year because the constant snow exposure can wear down the coating. But if you only use your snowmobile a few times a year in light snow conditions, it’s OK to coat it every other year.


Factors That Determine If A Ceramic Paint Is Suitable For Exhaust


Exterior protection ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings can be used on the exterior of any snowmobile to prevent the weather from damaging the paint. Some coatings reduce corrosion and rust, while others protect against extreme weather damage or peeling paint. Additionally, some ceramic colors protect by preventing scratches and dents on the snowmachine surface.


Interior protection coatings. The ceramic coating protects many different types of interiors. Some of these include seat cover material and floor mats. This carpeting material does not need to be cleaned because the ceramic coating protects it from dirt and grime. However, some people always choose to clean their snowmachine carpeting to have a clean-looking interior.


Quality of Materials. The quality of materials used in the ceramic paint will determine how long it lasts and protects your snowmobile. For example, suppose your snowmobile has a questionable exterior paint job. A low-quality ceramic paint coating might never get set well because it would have trouble adhering to the surface.


Quality of Application. Ceramic paint coatings get applied by hand, which means there is ample opportunity for human error during application. A poorly applied coating can cause incomplete coverage or lead to issues such as streaking and unsightly bubbles. Always choose an installer with plenty of experience working with ceramic paint coatings to ensure proper application.

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Why Use Ceramic Coatings for Exhaust System? 


  • Ceramic coating -is used in many products because of its durability and lightweight nature. The ceramic coating is also resistant to corrosion. That means you won’t have to worry about your snowmobile or skimobile’s frame rusting over time or becoming damaged by moisture. The resistance to corrosion makes ceramic coating an excellent option for all sorts of products that need to stand up against time and the elements.


  • Snowmobile exhaust systems get exposed to some of the harshest operating conditions of any internal combustion engine. Moisture and corrosive chemicals from the snow and ice slowly break down the metal in your pipes and muffler. Ceramic coating your exhaust system is an excellent way to extend its life.


  • A ceramic coating is a thermal barrier that reflects heat into the exhaust stream, causing complete fuel combustion. This process increases horsepower by reducing exhaust gas temperatures by 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A great running engine reduces heat-related wear. If you have damaged exhaust components, the ceramic coating can help contain damage within the pipe or muffler until you replace them.


  • Ceramic coatings get applied with a spray gun that heats the ceramic material to make it flow onto metal surfaces smoothly and evenly. Once cured, they provide a tough, durable finish that resists corrosion and abrasion. The coating also adds strength, sealing minor imperfections and reducing vibration where pipes touch other machine parts.


Apply ceramic coating to your snowmobile pipes and muffler before installing them on your sled. It will be easier than working around existing parts like skis, suspension components or drive shafts. Clean the new features thoroughly with a degreaser to remove any oil. A ceramic coating can protect the snowmobile exhaust system from the damage caused by heat. It is a coating that consists of many kinds of ceramic products, and it will be applied over the fire truck’s exhaust system. Most snowmobile companies use ceramic coating for their exhaust systems. Ceramic coating also offers some other benefits, such as protecting against acid rain, decreasing corrosion, and providing a more effortless finish for painting.

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