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Infome Technologies LLC, a leading IT solution provider in UAE. We strive to provide the best IT, Security and Identification solutions. Our extensive range of portfolio includes Server & Storage Solutions, ID card printers, ID Card Accessories, Biometric Access Control Systems, Time & Attendance Systems, Fingerprint Scanners, Smart Card readers, Smart cards, Networking products, PBX & Telephone Systems, Passport Scanners, Software Products, Android System Sunmi and POS Systems. Infome Technologies is already established as the best leading providers of end-to-end solutions in Identification, Security, Biometrics, IT Solutions and ID Card printers in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

The Best ID Card Printers, Servers and Attendance and Access Control System

How to choose Best Card Printer for your business?

There are several great reasons to buy an ID card printer and bring this aspect of operations in-house. Of course, budget is always a factor, but over time, the investment should prove to be worth it. There are other things like safety and security, which can’t have a dollar value assigned to them. For the convenience, cost, and peace-of-mind, businesses should explore the option of purchasing their own ID card printer. When choosing card printer first identify which technology is required for your business.
Things to know before selecting a printer ,

1. Direct-to-Card Printers

Also known as “dye sublimation printers,” these are the most common and use ink ribbons and cards to print. The print head inside direct-to-card printers contains little glass pixels that press the ink onto the cards and prints directly onto the cards. With this type of printing process, you will have a small white border around the edge. This is because the print head is not able to go over the edge of the cards. Direct-to-card printers will give you faster print speeds and lower cost per card than the reverse transfer (re transfer) printers. Direct-to-card badge machines were designed for printing onto regular PVC cards as well as adhesive-backed cards.

2. Re-transfer Printers

Also called a “reverse transfer,” “over-the-edge,” or “high-definition” printer, re transfer ID card printers are a relatively new technology on the card printing scene. These printers were specially designed to print on technology cards, Example of an ID Card Printed with a Re transfer Printer cards with uneven surfaces, and regular non-technology cards. This style of printer uses ink ribbon and film to print onto cards. When the cards go into the printer, the print head does not come into contact with the cards. Instead, the ink gets printed onto the reverse side of a clear film, and that film is then laid and heated onto the cards. This allows the ink to be printed on the entire surface of the cards, commonly called “full bleed.”
single or dual sided printing?
Single-sided card printers are designed to print on the front side of the ID card, leaving the reverse side blank. Single sided cards are ideal for applications including offices, schools and memberships.
Dual-sided card printers are designed to print on both the front and the reverse side of ID cards. This option is a popular choice for organizations and allows more room for information and features.

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Print Volume
Before purchasing your ID card printer, find the quantity of cards your business expects to print in each session but also during any given year.
Print Speed
Print speed is a sought-after requirement which works hand in hand with print volume for customers wanting to print id cards on demand.
Print Security
ID card printers offer a range of security features, but manufacturers offer different types and levels of security for your printer and ID cards.
Infome Technologies provide high quality from basic low-volume membership card printers through to high throughput, re-transfer card printers at best price. We help to choose right ID card printers for your business. Infome carries the widest selection of ID card printers, designed to meet any card printing need. We offer card printers from top brands such as HID Fargo, Entrust, Heidi, Zebra, Magi card and Evolis at best price.

We are recognized as one of the leading server Providers

Infome Technologies provided the broadest range of sever and storage solution to our customers. We offer a wide variety of servers which includes servers of Dell, HPE and Lenovo. We also provide the option of customizing before you buy server as per your requirement to improve productivity. Infome provides high performance, affordable and robust server and storage requirements for your enterprise demands. We are the best leading end-to- end solution provider across IT infrastructure, networking, and security solutions to business goals. Our dedicated team of technology experts helps clients with end-to-end technology services to design, build and manage a flexible IT environment. Our goal is to develop and deliver the highest quality, proven, reliable and cost effective solutions to our customers through continuous product development and system design.

Rack servers

A rack server is a server mounted inside a rack. Rack servers are typically general-purpose servers that support a broad range of applications and computing infrastructure. The racks stack servers vertically to save data center floor space. The more equipment that admins can stack vertically, the more equipment they can house.

Rack Server Pros

• Self-contained: Each rack server has everything necessary to run as a stand-alone or networked system: its own power source, CPU, and memory. This enables rack servers to run intensive computing operations.
• Efficiency: Rack-mounted servers and other computing devices mke highly efficient use of limited data center space. Rack servers can be easily expanded with additional memory, storage, and processors. And it’s physically simple to hot-swap rack servers if admins have shared or clustered the server data for redundancy.
• Cost-effective: Smaller deployments offer management and energy efficiency at lower cost.

Tower servers

Tower servers are servers in a stand-alone chassis configuration. They are manufactured with minimal components and software, so mid-size and enterprise customers can heavily customize the servers for specific tasks. For example, tower servers usually do not come with additional components like advanced graphic cards, high RAM, or peripherals.
Tower servers are typically targeted to customers who want to customize their servers and maintain a customized upgrade path. For example, customers can configure tower servers as general-purpose servers, communication servers, web servers, or network servers that integrate using HTTP protocols.

Tower Server Pros

Efficient scalability: Tower servers come with minimal configuration, so IT can customize and upgrade them based on business needs. They are less expensive to buy than a fully loaded server.
Low cooling costs: With their low component density, towers are less expensive to cool than dense racks or blades.

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Infome provides high performance, affordable and robust server and storage requirements for your enterprise demands. We are the best leading end-to- end solution provider across IT infrastructure, networking and security solutions to business goals. Our dedicated team of technology experts helps clients with end-to-end technology services to design, build and manage a flexible IT environment. We offer the best servers in Dubai and storage devices from top brands such as Dell, HPE(HP),Lenovo etc.

The HP ProLiant series of servers are one of the most popular on the market and has been for several product generations. If you are working on building a new datacenter, or if you are looking into different options for server computers in your existing infrastructure, the ProLiant lines offer many benefits that your IT department can take advantage of. HP offers some of the best capabilities in the industry in terms of scalability, reliability, and compatibility, all with easy interfacing and management systems to help your IT staff increase their productivity.
Dell PowerEdge servers are built to support the work that IT organizations do. They are engineered to handle the most demanding business applications and designed with specific features to better run workloads like HPC, collaboration, database, ERP, business intelligence and data warehousing.

Lenovo tower servers deliver powerful performance and versatile storage configurations in a small footprint for SMBs to large institutions. Lenovo rack servers deliver high value with a small, organized footprint. These servers are easily expandable and scalable, while able to handle most data

Buy HPE, Dell, Lenovo Server & Storage in Dubai at best price. Infome is an authorized partner of HPE, Dell and Lenovo. We are the leading supplier of Servers and Storage in Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

Comprehensive and flexible Access Control software solution and Time Attendance System

Pertaining to the growing demand and security concerns, access control has always been vital for every organization. Main objective of the Access Control is to begin with – protect physical, IP and human assets. This requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas. Moreover, the basic question of who, where and when with adequate flexibility and scalability needs to be addressed with door access control system.

Manual attendance marking and estimation leads to the expenditure of time and cost of the organizations. Human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping are additional hidden expenses which directly affects the productivity of any organizations. Variation in attendance policies from one company to another makes it extremely challenging to capture time-attendance data and automate them. Therefore, a fully automated time-attendance management software is paramount for enhancing productivity of any organization.

We delivers best Time-Attendance system to save administrative cost and also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies from multiple locations. Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, enables managers to work efficiently. Its standalone or network based operation is ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutes, Banks, Remote Sites, Hotels, Small/Large Enterprises and many more.

HR can easily utilize employee attendance management software for employee review, appraisals or monthly salary calculation.
Infome Technologies supplies Comprehensive and flexible Access Control software solution and Time Attendance System that has been specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization such ad Time Attendance system ( Biometric / Proximity / Face resignation ) with normal attendance software /software, Fingerprint Attendance System With Access Control, Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System, Biometric Access Control System, RFID System, HID Proximity Access Control Card and Face Recognition Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal.

Infome Technologies is an authorized partner of Suprema Attendance and Access Control in Dubai & Zkteco Attendance and Access Control System, CMITech Iris and Facial recognition system, IDEMIA Morpho Access.

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