How Technology is Helping Health Care in Remote Areas

How Technology is Helping Health Care in Remote Areas
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Technology means using scientific knowledge to invent tools that can solve real-life problems. It plays a great role in human life. As it assists them in different fields whether hospitals or offices, it is considered a helping hand. Technology has made the impossible things possible. Your loved ones with whom you couldn’t connect due to geographical barriers are not a problem anymore. It has made them a single message away. Diseases like chronic illness in which you are advised to not travel, makes you connect the doctor sitting in your bed. Records that the human brain cannot keep, are now stored in the artificial brains that the technology has introduced. Information for which you have to wait for print media is now easily accessible on your mobile phones. Remote areas that are hard to get to are brought closer to cities through technology. Thus, it has come as a ray of hope in the dark night that lights up the lives of people living in rural areas.

Health does not mean the absence of any illness, but a complete physical, emotional and mental well-being. As Jim Rohn says, “Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.” Health is something you cannot compromise whether you live in a city or in a backward area. And to ensure a healthy body, you have to connect to doctors as well as healthcare facilities. So, here technology takes the lead.

Technology and the health care of remote areas:

People living in rural areas faced many problems among which healthcare was one. With the invention of different gadgets, they enjoy a happy lifestyle just like the people in cities do. Tools that help in health care of backward areas are as mentioned:

  • Gadgets – Gadgets mean any electrical or mechanical device that does something Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are its best examples. The technology addresses the needs of the people living in rural areas well. In the past, patients have to rely on the doctor that they had in their village or they have to move to cities for better treatment. With the advent of technology, people living in backward areas can consult a doctor via phone call or e-mail. Not only this, but they can also do video conferencing with their consultant to show their illness virtually. Just sitting in their bed, they can connect to any doctor worldwide. This not only helps them get proper treatment but also remove their transportation cost. It has changed their life towards a healthier future.
  • Health applications – As the world is shifting towards a digital environment, Information Technologists besides doing wonders in other fields have used their knowledge and introduced many applications that can provide you health care They are easily accessible through your mobile phones as long as you have a good internet connection. is a health application available on the play store that provides you with so many features in a go. You can book an appointment with any of the doctors across Pakistan. Moreover, you can also order your medicine online. Besides all these features it also provides you with the most updated articles related to health. Even those living in rural areas can have access to it. There are so many health applications available on the play store that helps you remain fit even living far away from doctors. They give you useful tips on a healthy diet. Also provides enough information on how to keep your body healthy by doing exercise. So, it is worth mentioning that with the advent of technology, people living even in rural areas are not left far behind.
  • Electronic Medical Records – As in the past there were no proper medical equipment or machinery. But the technology has solved this issue as well by introducing such machinery even in the backward areas. This helps the patients to not cover a long distance outside their locality and it also is a way to keep monitoring your patient well. The best example that is worth mentioning over here is electronic medical records. So far, they are integrated to more than 300 clinics and 45 hospitals. It allows the nurses to monitor the patients remotely and do a follow-up when required. It also provides an authentic guideline to consider while treating such patients.
  • Virtual training – One of the biggest challenges the rural care communities face wasthat the healthcare providers have limited expertise. They do not have access to the latest information and they were not up to date. Technology has resolved this issue as well. Through technology, even those living in remote areas are getting proper training. They know what is any new drug introduced in the market and which is the deadliest disease of the present. Moreover, through technology, they are even trained without even being in an emergency situation. Besides this, technology has trained the community as well. This not only solved their expertise problem but also opened career opportunities and growth for the people living there.

Technology has introduced endless facilities in the healthcare sector of rural areas. No doubt, factors like infrastructure and connectivity is holding them back but these problems are also getting solved very fast now. In the next 25 years, the rural medical structure would be entirely different from now. This era is called an era of digitalization, everyone wants to get everything done in the comfort zone of their bed.  Corona has convinced people to shift online and buy products online. Thus, it is worth noticing that technology really helped us especially in these difficult times of Covid-19.

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