10 Effective Ways to Engage your Employees

10 Effective Ways to Engage your Employees

‘Employee Engagement’ is a hot topic currently with almost everyone working inside their homes due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, one needs to understand that employee engagement is not something that is going to last only during the pandemic duration. As any good HR knows, employee management is an ongoing endeavour similar to payroll management, attendance management, etc.

Hence, let us take a look at ten of the most effective ways one can engage their employees at work:

1.Prioritize employee experience

Employee experience is all about giving importance and relevance to your employees. They should feel valued and cared for. This gives rise to a feeling of belongingness to one’s company and lowers employee turnover, which is a win-win for both the employee and the employer. Making employee experience a priority would also result in highly engaged employees who feel that they are part of a larger family and contribute actively, thereby increasing their productivity too.

2.Make office hospitable

Offices have changed from boring monotonous cubicles to minimalistic spaces in the last decade. However, one needs to bring about true change in the mentality of the employers and the management. The office is a space where employees spend over 70% of their wake time and they should also be having fun if they are to remain productive throughout the day. This can be achieved only if there are recreation areas, nap rooms, etc. and if they are allowed to be there without being frowned upon.

3. Empower your employees

Don’t get me wrong, empowering your employees doesn’t mean giving them additional work. Instead, it refers to the fact of making your staff responsible for the work they undertake. Let them take ownership of the projects and once the said project is completed, appreciating them for the same. It offers them a sense of accomplishment while also improving their job satisfaction.

4. Recognize employee contributions

Recognizing employee contributions goes a long way in engaging them. Hence, one should make it a point to congratulate their employees for any of their contributions. It would be ideal to appreciate your employee publicly as research has proven that employees will be 2.7 times more engaged if their efforts are recognized in their workplace. You can also take the help of your payroll software by letting everyone know of the employee efforts using the broadcast option.

5. Invest in employee well-being

Employee well-being includes providing mental and physical well-being programs that help the staff cope with any kind of personal problems. Having a good well-being program also fosters trust in your employee as they understand that you genuinely care about their well-being. Thus, well-being programs have the dual advantage of keeping your employee in good physical and mental shape along with improving your image in their minds.

6. Reward employees frequently

Rewarding employees is something that companies tend to skimp on. However, it can be very much detrimental to employee engagement as the employee might feel as if their contributions don’t matter. Hence, HR should ensure that their employees are rewarded with tangible rewards along with payroll processing. For the most part, a simple ‘Great Job!’ would suffice; however, in some scenarios, the employee should be rewarded with something more tangible and special.

7. Provide continuous training

Employee training should not be disregarded once the employee completes onboarding. Instead, companies should provide opportunities for the employee to better themselves. Consider it as an investment as better employees translate to efficient work, which is always good for the company. Hence, ensure that there is an employee development plan in your payroll software or HRMS and that they are actively participating in the same.

8. Offer transparent communication

Transparent communication is the key to solving any kind of problem. Nevertheless, one should also understand that it avoids many unnecessary issues in the first place! Hence, managers should instil in their employees’ minds that they are free to speak in the company. Be it about resolving any issue or putting forth some idea, the staff will be willing to come forward only if they feel that their opinions are being valued.

9. Remove dreadful cubicles

As mentioned earlier, office décor has changed a lot. However, even in 2021, many companies make use of the dreadful cubicles in the workspace. This needs to be removed as it makes the employee feel claustrophobic and robotic. Open offices are the future and taking a glance at any successful company will remove any prejudices you might have against embracing this concept.

10. Take regular feedback sessions

You might already be taking 360-degree feedback phrases from your employees using payroll software or HRMS. Similarly, it is a good idea to conduct anonymous surveys and feedback sessions to understand what the employees are thinking about their company as well as gain valuable insights as to what needs to be changed. Implementing the required changes as per their feedback will also help in nurturing their trust.

In conclusion, one needs to ensure that their employees are ‘satisfied’ with their company to keep them engaged. This not only helps in increasing their productivity but also in retaining them as well as making your workplace one that they actively promote among their friends and family, leading to improved company perception among the masses.

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