Researching learning: Five additional readings on AI in Education

Researching learning: Five additional readings on AI in Education
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If you have once tried engaging AI in teaching students, you must have a story to tell. Do you think it is the best thing to use in teaching? Several studies are explaining the importance of such technology to learners. Some believe that it reduces the quality of Education by promoting cheating in the exam. But what do you know about the use of this technology in class? Here are some topics to read and further your knowledge in IA in the education system.

Use of robot writers in Education

Have you ever thought of engaging robots in writing? Robots are changing the world of writing in the education system. If you read articles and publications on the use of robots in reading, you will appreciate how they are helpful in teaching and their impact on the education system. AI is also applied in the education system monitoring and evaluation process.

Impact of IA in the education system

As more students are engaging the AI technology, you should be thinking about how it will impact the field. Some people argue that technology has improved the efficiency of learning. Others have thought that technology has promoted exam cheating. But what do the policymakers say about the technology? There are recommendations concerning the use and implementation of the technology in the education system.

One of the most common misconceptions about autism is that autistic individuals are not able to learn or socialize with people. In reality, over 1 in 59 children will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at some point in their life. The word “spectrum” means that there is a wide range of different traits within the population. Some children may have a more severe case and require a specialized therapist or a robot teacher for example. MoviRobotics is a robotics company that is developing technologies like kebbi, a robotic teacher to help individuals with autism and other disabilities. The mission of this company is to help those who cannot express themselves and require support and guidance. Read more about the topic to understand the impact of the technology and what policymakers recommend concerning the technology’s performance

Guide to policymakers

If you were writing a research paper to guide the policymakers about AI, what will you recommend to them? Publications and papers are containing such recommendations. With the rapid growth in the education system and implementation of the IA programs, policymakers need to make changes. Read on the publications explaining the required changes in the performance of IA in the education sector and the potential risks.

Current technologies and the IA in schools

What do other researchers say about the use and implementation of IA technologies in schools? Publications and reviews are explaining to teachers how IA technology is shaping the education system. You can read reports on the use of posters and infographics and quality online materials and resources, among others. To focus your reading more, you can look at case studies targeting experts with knowledge on the implications of emerging technologies and IA in the learning process.

The trustworthiness of IA technology in the education system

Is the use of AI technology in school an idea to trust? What are the challenges facing the implementation of this technology in school? You can read a lot concerning the reliability of AI technology in school and how much you can trust the technology in improving the education system. You can read and review how much you can trust the IA in equipping learners with the most sophisticated skills applicable in the current economy.


There are many resources to read and gain important information on AI in the education system. before thinking about writing a paper on AI and the education system, research in line with the five topics and make your essay informative.

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