Remote learning made easy with online School ERP systems

Remote learning made easy with online School ERP systems

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” – Paul Hawken

We all manage life while we are walking on this planet earth. But, due to the catastrophic rise in Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, all of us have learnt new ways of managing our lives. There’s no single industry that hasn’t felt the brunt of this sudden pandemic. Although we have managed to work from homes in the services sector, our kids, who are India’s future, have experienced the adverse effects of the paralysed education system.

This unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has led to innovative technology solutions to make sure there are no learning gaps. The importance of education of young minds can’t be undermined at any cost. The realisation that learning must continue under any given circumstances has given birth to digital solutions that enable online delivery of classes. It is high time we invested in tools such as School ERP systems so that there is a smooth blending of offline-online learning as we move away from traditional schooling systems.

Schools were forced to shut down with no means of disseminating education. Some schools started providing online classes, but the model hasn’t been beneficial because appropriate management infrastructure to conduct e-learning wasn’t in place. On the other hand, the schools with efficient school ERP systems have had almost zero impact of this pandemic, and they have been able to complete their set curriculum on time. You must be wondering what a school ERP system is. Let’s discuss it through this article.


School ERP System is a software that manages the day-to-day operations and learning process of the schools. In other words, it serves as the backbone of the school, providing its support and strength. This management software automates every operation, making it easy to run them even while students are studying at home via e-learning, and teachers are teaching from the comfort of their homes. It enhances the efficiency of schooling and administration by connecting all the departments and all the stakeholders; and providing various tools to deliver seamless e-learning. Let’s understand the various benefits of online School ERP.

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  • Efficient communication via centralised platform

All the stakeholders have a login ID and can access their respective dashboards by signing up in the software. Once they enter their accounts, they can access all the relevant information about all the other stakeholders. For instance, teachers can track the progress of their students in real-time; they can provide their feedback to their students or report about any issue to their parents. Similarly, students can provide anonymous feedback to their teachers. And parents need not come to the school to check the progress of their ward. They can do it anytime from the panel.

  • Easy sharing of learning material

Since it is a cloud-based system, the teachers can create an online repository of learning materials such as e-books, videos, assignments, worksheets, podcasts, images, etc. The dashboard is student-friendly. Hence, each student can access their learning material via their own accounts. All they need is an internet connection and a gadget from which they can log in. This makes the sharing of learning material super easy.

  • Qualitative management of the school

As School ERP system is a centralised system that automates the entire process, tedious tasks that used to consume a more significant amount of time are now done with a single click. Automation smoothens the operations, provides seamless communication, and increases the productivity of the entire school management system with even a lesser workforce.

  • Ease of tracking increases transparency

As discussed earlier, every stakeholder needs to login to their respective accounts to access the software tools; this leads to an increase in transparency. For example, it automatically gets notified that a student has entered the virtual class without taking any attendance. It records the activities such as raising doubts and submission of reports automatically. Some of them even have a bus-tracking system that provides real-time updates to the parents about their kids’ movements, thereby enhancing safety. The teachers can track if the students have completed their homework or not. All the information is just a click away.

  • Environment-friendly system

An online school ERP is a blessing in disguise for the environment as it reduces paper use. Due to the full automation of the administrative and teaching functions, your school goes paperless. This not only leads to a reduction in costs but also a reduction in carbon footprint.

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As a matter of fact, even WHO and UNICEF have suggested that the post-lockdown challenges in the education sector can be solved when all the stakeholders cooperate with each other to create a healthy and safe environment for kids to learn. Therefore, there must be open channel communication amongst teachers, schools, parents, education authorities and local governments.

Various world-famous think tanks, after research, have suggested certain ways to reopen schools. The key suggestions include the adoption of a cloud-based to integrate online-offline learning, alternate day school or double shift school and reduction in operational costs. The schools will need advanced planning of lesson plans and assessments. They would need to provide extra classes to cover up the learning loss during the year.

As the govt. is looking for ways to reopen schools, alternate day school, minimal-contact games, tie-ups with hospitals and hybrid online-offline learning model will be necessary. Nevertheless, we must be prepared for disruptions that are uncalled for. Disruptions such as the new outbreak of cases, sudden changes in COVID-19 zones, new govt. measures on social distancing could impact the school operations, and quarantining protocols might change.

Let us be prepared for the worst-case scenario. And that can be assured if our schools are insured with a resilient system in place. Invest in a promising school ERP system today to enjoy the fruits of smooth education delivery anytime, anywhere. Make remote learning easy with a good school ERP system. As they say, what doesn’t change is doomed to perish. Stay relevant by adapting to the changing times.

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