How to track someone’s location anonymously?

How to track someone’s location anonymously?

Have you ever faced a situation where your loved ones are missing and you are going crazy or one of your employees goes AWOL with some crucial information?

Well, it is very common and we all must have faced the fear. But, now this fear can’t haunt you any longer. We have some of the most advanced technologies for our help.

A location tracking app is a product of such high-end technology. Using this tool, one can easily keep track of every movement that your targets are making.  In this post, we will discuss one of the most famed and loved phone location tracker apps.

Spyic – Tracking Location Solution That Everyone Can Bank Upon

Spyic is a perfect example of how technology can make a human’s life stress-free. Using the high-end technology, this location tracker has managed to track the untracked ones.

Some individuals have the habit of not telling their whereabouts. Such individuals can be a matter of serious concern at times. Spyic location tracker is the ideal solution that loved ones of such personals can ever use.

Spyic is truly one-of-its-kind. Trusted by millions already, this location tracker app is available for use in 190 nations at no additional cost. Its flawless performance has been featured in many media outlets like The Forbes and PCMag.

All this is proof that it is not an ordinary location tracker. Isn’t it?

However, there is still a lot more to uncover, so read ahead.


Spyic - Tracking Location

The Edge of Spyic

Spyic has managed to earn an outstanding space in the market and customer pool.

It managed to happen because there are some exceptional qualities in Spyic. Here is a detailed overview of these qualities.

Using Spyic is risk-free

Try using any other location-tracking app that takes the help of technologies like rooting/jailbreak for location spying and there will no end to your misery. It is because of the fact that multiple risks will haunt you when rooting/jailbreak is helping you out.

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For instance, there would be compromised security and reduced phone performance.

These risks are too serious to overlook. Spyic’s key technology is free from rooting/jailbreak that means no such risks will haunt you.

Besides that, Spyic works without saving data on the server. This one simple step ensures the safety of crucial data.

Spyic covers your track completely

The first thing that one must be sure about is ensuring that no one is knowing what you are up to while you are trying to track someone’s location. Getting caught red-handed, while doing this job, can be very embarrassing for some.

Spyic will not let this happen with you as it covers your tracks completely!

To make this happen, it offers a stealth mode and remote desktop. Using the stealth mode, hiding the app’s presence on the phone is 100% possible and the remote desktop keeps the involvement of the targeted phone as little as possible.

Tracking Location

Spyic has made the location a simplified job

Before the invention of Spyic, location tracking was used by a job handled by professionals only. It demanded certain perfection and skills that only a hacker or IT professional owns. So, the common was not fit to perform it.

But, Spyic has simplified it so much that anyone can now try their hands on it. Spyic for iOS is a browser-based solution that can be accessed using any device/browser. There is no involvement of the targeted phone and no installation/set-up is needed.

Spyic for Android is a wonder of science as this app is less than 2MB in size and yet can track the live movement of the target.

It doesn’t consume much of the phone’s space and battery. Its set-up and installation are very much similar to the set-up and installation of any other Android app. Hence, no prior or special expertise is required to bring it into action.

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Exceptional location tracking

Tracking a person’s location was never easy, especially when the person is moving. However, Spyic has made it happen. Its advanced location tracking can track a person’s Wi-Fi and GPS-based location and shares the coordinates of the visited place at zero hassle.

Tracking a person’s location

Not only this, its location tracking goes an extra mile by providing the facility of geo-fencing. Yes, you can virtually geo-fence the device and prevent your target from visiting certain places. Just enter the coordinates of those places in Spyic and the rest will be taken care of.

Data that can you can bank upon



Data that can you can bank upon

Spyic is ours and a million others’ first choice as this location tracker app has never disappointed anyone. It is exceptional when it comes to quality data. It captures data in real-time and delivers it with timestamps.

These timestamps contain location coordinates and visited time details that provide a better insight into a person’s location history. Things are much clearer.

To maintain quality in the data, Spyic delivers data without any third person’s involvement. It delivers the report directly to the dashboard. So, the odds of data tempering are very less.

Spyic is the Best deal ever!

While Spyic offers all these facilities, it never digs a hole in your pocket and comes at a very cost-effective price.

Spyic offers three subscription choices and each one is affordable. However, its premium package is everyone’s favorite as monthly expenses with this package are only $10 per month. Yes, it is that easy on the pocket.

Wait! There is more.

At this cost, you can track a total of 35 phone activities including call history, SMS, apps used, web-browsing history, contacts, notes, etc. There is hardly anything that will be hidden from you while you are using Spyic. It will keep you posted about every single thing.

Wrapping up

Spyic’s location tracking facility is avant-garde and renders its facilities without asking any special prerequisites. You can use it without owning any special technique or tool. Whatever you have is more than anything.

This spy solution is superb in its job and helps you have a hold of quality data always. Such an exceptional facility is hard to ignore.

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