Digital Marketing Courses in India – A brief

Digital Marketing Courses in India – A brief

Social Media and Technology can lead you towards a dream carrier. From a start-up to all multinational companies, digital marketing is the need of an hour. You can very well opt for this platform to excel in your future. 

If you want to dive into the field of digital marketing, below are some of the best courses available.

  • Google Digital Marketing Course – Google offers an online platform offering a free digital marketing course. The course includes video and text materials as well. Upon successfully completing this course, you are also awarded a certificate by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. The certificate is recognized globally and is sure to add a star to your portfolio.

Highlights of this course are:

  • Fundamental of digital marketing
  • How to promote a business online (Google Ads)
  • How to grow your business globally
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing and much more
  • Digital Vidya – Founded by Delhi IITians, the company is Asia’s leading digital marketing training organization and is premier to launch social media education in India. The company boasts of contributing over 11000 professionals all over Asia through more than 300 digital marketing programs. 

The curriculum covers all aspects of the digital marketing course and is designed to help students, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and those who all want to learn. Equipped with both digital marketing training online and classroom training programs, the course comes with a minimal fee structure

  • ReliableSoft Academy – This course comprises a pack of nine courses covering all the aspects of the digital marketing procedure. To name some of the course inclusions:
  • Digital marketing basics
  • Social media ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword research
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics, etc
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After completing the course and successfully passing out the required exam, you will be awarded a digital marketing certificate to help leverage your career. 

  • Digital Scholar – Launched in 2019, it offers a unique premise of agency-styled learning for the aspirants. Focussing for digital marketers to become job-ready through agency-based learning provides you the right track for your aspiring career. 

The institute offers a three months flagship curriculum covering all the aspects of digital marketing.

The course offers dedicated certificates for each segment of digital marketing and can be participated in online and classroom training programs. 

  • DigiGrad – An initiative of Social Beat (Google Premier Partner), offers quality training programs online and in classrooms. It offers a Certification program in digital marketing. The course is designed to suit marketers, entrepreneurs, and, most important to the freshers as well. 

The institute adopts a study-based learning methodology and holds live classes. The batches are created in smaller sizes comprising less than 50 students in a group.

DigiGrad has twelve weeks learning program with seven advanced training modules and comprises practical application-oriented modules

  • UpGrad – The institute offers a course name ‘PG certification in Digital Marketing and Communication.’ A 6.5 months course, it is certified from MICA and Facebook. 

The course covers different modules of digital marketing, which include social media marketing, content marketing, brand marketing analytics, and others

  • Simplilearn – An online training and certification program, it offers around thirty courses in the field of digital marketing. OMCP approved and certified, and the courses are aimed to help various working professionals and aspirants to stay ahead of the masses. Offered with a low digital marketing course cost, it is one of the most searched on Google
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Important factors to look at while choosing a digital marketing course

There are some key points to evaluate before finalizing your institute. Some of these are:

  • Certification: It is advisable to select the institutions with recognized methods and certified by educational bodies and corporate.  The certificate of an institute will be required to add more credits to your CV, so an institute should possess a valid authentication
  • Faculty and the courses offered  – Enquire for the faculty expertise, training modules, and the curriculums offered. Look for the relevancy of the program to match with current industry trends
  • Reviews and Trends – Check the reviews of the institute you desire to join. You can also enquire from the old students or get a review from online portals and discussion forums. Get all the feedbacks and opt for the best institute suitable for your needs
  • Placements: Search for the placement records and look for the institute’s tie-ups with the reputed companies. The strong collaboration will help you get a job easy and fast

Advantages of choosing a digital marketing course

  • Enhance creativity skills
  • More career prospects
  • Better salary 
  • Stand out from your fellow peers
  • Helps start your career early
  • Enhancement of various social skills


As the research reveals, more than 60% of organizations are looking for digital talent in the candidates. So, this is the right time to select a good digital marketing course to hone your skills and to be an industry leader

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