What Search Can I Do Using Instant Checkmate?

What Search Can I Do Using Instant Checkmate?

Public information finders are helping millions of people to find someone online. You don’t need to have much information about someone as you can search them by their full name. Also, these tools let you find someone by their basic details like phone number, address, or email address.

Like CocoFinder, Instant Checkmate comes in the list of most popular platforms for finding public information. So, how long does it take to find information with this tool? We will cover it in this article.

You will learn about different services offered by Instant Checkmate to track someone’s public information online. Also, we will share how you can use these services to get some reliable results. 

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a reliable platform to find some public information online. It is a paid tool that gives you the easiest way to track someone’s public records and criminal records. This solution is preferred by millions of people due to its accuracy. Out of all the public information finders, Instant Checkmate offers the most credible information from millions of sources.

With this tool, you can find almost every public information of an individual. The most advanced feature of this tool lets you find someone’s social media photos online. It means you can get a virtual profile of anyone to know more about them. 

Instant Checkmate is secured and follows all the security guidelines. Also, anyone can choose to remove their information from the platform with a single application. Thus, it is one of the most trusted platforms to get these services. If you are wondering about how to use this platform, you can call their toll-free number and get all the information you want.

Services Offered By Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers different services to help you get access to the public information of an individual. The best part is that you can access all these services with a single membership plan. 

Here are the services that you can use on this platform.

Criminal Record Search

Criminal Record Search

The platform is most famous for its background check services. It lets you get complete background details of a person without letting them know. If you think that there is something suspicious about a person, you can use this service to find out.

The service works by matching the name of the person by the information stored in its database. Thus, you can type someone’s name to start the search. After gathering the required information, the platform creates a report for you to access conveniently. This report is divided into different sections such as sex offends, parking tickets, court trials, and some other categories. 

Thus, you won’t need to waste your time checking different links to find the data. In some criminal check reports, you can find the social media photos of the person to know more about them. 

How to Use Background Check Service?

To access its background check service, you need to scroll down on its homepage and click on the Background Check feature. There, you can enter the full name of the person and mention the city where they live.

Additional information like the State and area name makes it easier to get the results. Thus, add as much information as you can. Once the search is complete, click on the report and access the complete information easily.

People Search

The People Search service helps you get access to the public records of a person. This tool gives you complete information such as their identity, age, contact details, address, and similar information. This tool is used to track some public information about a person.

For example, if you just know someone’s name and want to know who they are, you can use this feature. The platform has made some recent changes to provide some in-depth information about an individual.

Now, you can check the relatives and public location history of a person as well. Thus, this feature is getting better and better. You can use the feature without giving it a second thought.

How to Use People Search Service?

Just like the background check feature, you can access this tool from the homepage of the Instant Checkmate website. It requires you to enter the first name, last name, area code, and choose the state where the person lives. There is an additional option to choose whether you are looking for your information or someone else’s. 

You can tick the box if you are looking for online information about your profile. It is helpful before going for an interview as you will be prepared with the correct information that your recruiter has.

Arrest Records

Wondering about the criminal records of someone you know? Use the service and find it out. This tool collects all the arrest records of a person and shows them with a reliable report. You can access all the information including robbery, drug, and business-related cases. Also, you can track the violent report cases registered on the person’s name.

The arrest records are taken from the police records. Thus, you can trust the report without any problem. The best part is that you can legally check these documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, you won’t have to use this solution secretly.

How to Use Arrest Record Services?

To access someone’s arrest records, you need to use the Arrest Records service. Enter the name of the person whose arrest records you are looking for. After that, you need to click on the search button to get the proper reports.

Find the information from the report or save it on your online account. After this, you will be able to check the complete history of a person with a single click. 

Final Words

Instant Checkmate Offers various offers to get public information online. You can use it to find details related to someone’s arrest records by performing a background check. Also, you can use the People Search service to find some basic details about a person.

We recommend giving this application a try. You can visit its website to find out more about its tools and services.


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