What is method of procedure and its use

Method of procedure is a logical approach to a problem. Method of procedure represents a number of research steps which are necessary for solving the new problems. This is a sequence of steps which include working out the formulation concept, its verification and proof. It may be represented by mathematical formulae, diagrams, schemes or graphs. Method of procedure includes some new methods for finding relations between variables used in solving the problem.

Methods of procedure are necessary for finding a solution to a general problem when it can be solved using a known method but only with the help of some new principles and notations. Method of procedure is also necessary for representing formalism different from usual ones (semantic). The task is complicated due to the necessity of taking into account all properties that are revealed while carrying out analysis.

Method of procedure is a part of theory, it helps to define methods of solution, indicate the sequence and stages of the research work. The method is an algorithm describing successive steps in order to achieve a goal. A new term “methodology” was also suggested as a synonym with methodic (the science about methods) and Methodists (the art or practice on application of methods). It may include all aspects from development on research via evaluation to applications. Nowadays some scientists do not consider method as correspondence between the way chosen and goal reached, but they consider only first concepts as relevant for understanding what is method. Methodic is not an adequate term as it was introduced by M.T. Ghiselli as a part of “statistical method and research” (1963). This definition includes only statistical methods, but not others mean of obtaining results of research.

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o includes the principles that underlie the approach to problem solving. This principle may also indicate some characteristic features that makes certain methods more precise or better than other methods in certain circumstances, or what characterizes them as such at all times or for most problems. Goal might be defined before stating principles, purpose and nature of the method used to reach it; however, they necessarily must refer to each other: goal is only possible within particular conditions and with appropriate means, so its formulation depends on whether means correspond to principles of the method. Principles define the meaning of goal (and possibly solution/response, whatever is aimed at).

o Goal could be defined in different ways: its aim, purpose or nature; also meaning of solutions/responses etc. Its purpose might include what would bring satisfaction, but this would limit it rather than inspire one to form it.

o Nature may be general and give no clear indication whether a goal belongs to situation analysis for strategic planning; supposing it does refer to strategy then its formulations should not be restrictive towards possible courses of action. Problem-solving process should allow for development of new strategies if necessary. It could state optimal conditions that are feasible given available resources and the way they are likely to change over time.

o Nature could be more restrictive if it included what will actually happen or is most likely to happen, based on the most likely actions of actors in the system. This would include positive and negative feedback loops with both human and non-human components.

“To achieve this requires that we set out a clear mission statement that captures why our organization exists and how we fit into society.” (Exercise: Define Your Core Purpose & Strategic Intentions 2009) The inclusion of the word “ensure” makes it seem less definitive than simply stating “we exist”, so I’m not sure it’s necessary.

“It exists to make life good for the people of Somerset.” (Exercise: Define Your Core Purpose & Strategic Intentions 2009) This one feel more definitive, but I’d recommend changing “good” to something like “better”.

The projects will have a goal in line with achieving the core purpose statement. (Exercise: Define Your Core Purpose & Strategic Intentions 2009) The second sentence is not appropriate in your definition. A project can be used to generate goodwill towards certain people, support certain groups etc., so don’t imply there’s no room for that here.

Method of procedure can be used for:

  1. A new product launch
  2. An event
  3. Party planning
  4. An event can also be used for a fundraiser or charity auction.

The definition of event planning is the following: “Event planning refers to the professional discipline of organizing events, programs and activities which have a clear beginning and end.” (Wikipedia) An event happens on one date or during one time period. A project may happen over several days/weeks/months etc., but it will still have a start and an end.

A procedure that occurs over several days/weeks/months etc. isn’t appropriate here. Rather than giving examples in this manner, give some simple definitions in chronology with brief explanations why they fit so you show your expertise in the area.

An activity that happens during several days/weeks/months etc. is a project. Unlike an event, there aren’t specific dates when it begins and ends, but rather a process with different phases beginning after the previous has been completed. For example: “I’m joining a gym because I need to improve my fitness levels.” This activity will have a start and an end when he starts using this gym and stop when he stops going there.


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