MMA gloves versus boxing gloves – who wins the fight?

Most individuals don’t even know that boxing gloves were initially introduced to protect the hand of the fighter and not their head. Gloves have rolled over the years from what they were to the modern version of what they are today. Introduced back in the 1940s, they were used for training purposes only. Today fighting and sparring gloves are made to protect both participants.

However, the emergence of the new sport of MMA in 1990 necessitated the requirement for another category of gloves, known as the MMA gloves. The difference between MMA gloves and boxing gloves is that boxing gloves are made for striking while MMA gloves are a minor version of boxing gloves, which provide maximum flexibility.

If you look closely at the fundamental differences between these two glove categories, you will know what you need to purchase for your game.

  • Look closer into the padding

Do you know what the padding is? The padding distribution distinguishes between models and brands. The big gloves will come with more padding than the moderate ones. Typical boxing gloves come with 10 oz padding. You need a closer look to understand the padding of the gloves. Every glove is measured in oz, which is a weight measure.

On the other hand, the ones for sparring and grappling come with 16 oz or even more. The padding will make a lot of difference. If you want a safe yet comfortable feel, go for the average weight, which is between 10 to 15 oz. The MMA gloves come with less padding. The standard MMA training gloves are between 4 to 10 oz. You can go for 7 oz MMA gloves that are perfect for your game.

  • Finger enclosure

Another fundamental difference between the gloves is finger enclosure. The MMA gloves come with open finger design, while the boxing gloves have a full enclosure. The purpose of using MMA gloves is that they will give you the maximum movement of the fingers, and your hand will not sweat even.

On the contrary, the boxing class will keep the whole hand in a firm position. The only movement you may perform is squeezing. At times, the tightness may come in between your game. Why do you have to give yourself that chance?

Everything makes a difference, from the hand wraps to the material to the manufacturing. Every glove is created with a specific purpose. From the general design to the specific ones, multiple categories are available in the market. Boxing Gloves provide excellent performance in the ring if chosen carefully. The gloves has to be highly responsive to provide maximum speed and power. Reyes Boxing Gloves prmises to deliver high-quality material, durability, and performance. The multi-layer foam padding provides excellent shock absorption and protects hands during training and competition.

Apart from the differences mentioned above, there are other thin lines of demarcation that you must explore in detail.

Summing it up

Gloves have a significant role to play in boxing games! You may meet the manufacturer for a better understanding of the gloves. They will explain to you the options in town. Don’t compromise on the quality and fit of the gloves. Go through the size chart carefully. Check out the extensive collections right away! Make sure that you get the best gear for your game.



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