5 Most Common Topics For Your Next Staff Meeting

5 Most Common Topics For Your Next Staff Meeting

As a manager, you likely have to schedule and coordinate regular all-staff meetings. Although these meetings are often crucial for the continued functioning of your company, they may sometimes feel lengthy, go off topic, or even devolve into conversations that could have been held via email. To ensure you’re fully prepared for your next staff meeting, it may be helpful to take a look at common topics that may come up and how you can help keep your staff on track. Whether you plan to hold your next meeting in person or remotely with a virtual office background, these top subjects may be bound to come up.

Next Quarter’s Goals

Whether it’s on the agenda or not, there’s a strong chance that one topic bound to come up is current and future goals for the company. These goals can range from individual ones for each employee to department-wide ones to company-wide ones. Employees may be anxious about hitting quotas or sales targets, for example, and managers may be nervous about meeting expected projections in the next quarter. Whatever the specifics of your company’s goals, it may be worth it to give a quick update on them at the start of the meeting to cover the topic and get it out of the way before moving on. Goal-related subjects that you may want to touch on could include:

Year End Performance Review

Once you’ve covered the topic of quarterly goals and new technical requirements, such as a company-wide Zoom immersive view backgrounds download, you may start to receive some questions from staff regarding their year-end performance review and associated topics. For example, it’s not uncommon for staff to ask questions regarding:

  • Bonuses
  • Yearly raises
  • Promotion potential
  • Overall performance evaluations
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Whether or not goal or review questions come up, it’s still good to be prepared with answers to some of the most common staff questions you may encounter. Whether you’re holding a departmental or a company-wide meeting, there are at least five common topics you should be prepared to speak on at the meeting, ranging from financial matters to to-do lists to team-building issues and more. Here are five topics to prep for before your next staff meeting:

  1. Outstanding tasks that urgently need to be completed or delegated to be finished;
  2. Ideas for future projects that could bring in additional revenue;
  3. Evaluations of current campaigns and projects and suggestions for improvement;
  4. Team-building morale exercises and opportunities to strengthen the company’s culture;
  5. Customer service issues and a focus on customer feedback and overall satisfaction.

Prior to your next staff meeting, you may want to make room in your agenda for some common workplace topics that may come up. Knowing which topics your staff may want to discuss can help you plan out your time effectively and help keep the meeting on track. From quarterly goals to performance reviews and more, make sure to keep these five common topics in mind when planning out your upcoming staff meeting.

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