Most rewarding video poker games

Most rewarding video poker games

Video poker games are perhaps amongst one of the most favored online casino games that can be played for bettors these days, as the game remains incredibly popular.

Indeed, many poker enthusiasts actually prefer to play the video version of the game compared to a variant that can be found at a live casino where they will play with other players and have to wait their turn because they are quicker and are simplified, thus meaning they are accessible to others.

As with many different games that are available, there are a number of different options that can be found when playing at gambling platforms, with each game providing a different payout rate. Naturally, many will be looking to find the highest paying video poker games that are available right now, which is why this post has been created.

Read below to find out the best video poker variations available to play currently and just why they are the most rewarding.

Deuces Wild

One of the most common variations of video poker that can be found at an online casino including the offering that Unibet Casino provides is Deuces Wild, with the inclusion of the wild cards being one of the biggest draws as they can help to increase the number of winning hands.

A round is played with a full standard deck of 52 cards and the twos are considered the wilds, as they are the ‘Deuces’. Players who are able to achieve the best hand in this game are able to win payouts of 5:1 for a hand of four of a kind, whilst the return to player (RTP) rate is always exceptionally high regardless of the developer used.

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It should, though, be noted that the game is incredibly volatile and is one of the video poker variants to have one of the highest levels. This means that a number of rounds can be played without a win being achieved, although when they do, they can be rather lucrative, especially as there are four wild cards available in the deck to help players out.

There are a number of different variations that can be found within this type of game, as well, with some versions also including the joker cards.

Jacks or Better

Although Deuces Wild is one of the most common games, it may just pale by comparison to Jacks or Better when it comes down to popular variants of video poker that remain continuously available at online casinos.

The game has proven to be as popular as it has because of how well it can provide potentially lucrative rewards, with it considered to be amongst the best at providing value for money. Players who play full versions of this game can be able to win rewards of 9:1 and 6:1 when they manage to achieve a Full House and a Flush respectively.

Jacks or Better is an easy game to play for those who know the standard rules of poker. The game utilizes each of the 52 cards that can be found within a standard deck, whilst the jokers will not be used. Players will be provided with a hand of five random cards, where they will then have a choice to hold any of them before being provided with a new hand which will then determine whether they are a winner or not.


In addition, to help highlight just how popular the game is and why it can be one of the most rewarding variations of video poker is the fact that online casinos can offer a version that features a double-up element, thus seeing rewards be potentially even bigger!

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