Why is my internet add-on plan not working?

Why is my internet add-on plan not working?

Add-on plans are the plans to which you subscribe when your current data is finished before the validity time. For example, you have an internet package of 2 GB for 2 weeks and your usage is more so you spend all the data in a week. Now what? Do you have to wait one week to re-subscribe? Thanks to the mobile add-on packages. You can choose to add on a plan for another week without unsubscribing to the current package. It will simply add that add-on package’s GB to your current package and boom! You can resume using the internet. Cable internet companies also have an add-on plan. For example, Wave offers a data cap on all its internet plans. If you exceed this monthly data, you can always call wave phone number and buy data tokens to resume the service at full speed. Mobile companies allow up to 50GB of add-on internet package.

Working remotely or working from home has its pros and cons. At home, you are in your comfort zone and you can manage the time between work and rest. However, you might not get the facilities as you get in the office. Internet connection is one of them. In the office, the management takes the responsibility of good internet connection. However, at home, you have to manage it yourself. Sometimes, the subscribed package is not enough and you run out of data in the middle of a meeting.

To re-subscribe from the internet package, you have to wait until its validity date. However, not anymore! To avoid these complications, mobile companies offer add-on plans for their customers. You can add up to 50 GB of internet.

Sometimes even after subscribing to an add-on package, your internet does not work. It happens for the following reasons.

  • Sometimes you reach your daily limit of internet usage. Some add-on packages will only work if you exhaust your limit of the day. For example, you have an add-on package of 4GB and it starts today with the validity of 80 days. Now if you activate the package it will remain valid for 80 days. You have been using the internet all day and in the evening, you have reached the limit of your 1GB internet, so the rest of the day you will be using your add-on package and the same thing will repeat for 80 days.
  • Another reason for your ad on the package not working is the issue with its subscription. It is quite possible that due to some technical reason, the package was not subscribed. If you did not get the confirmation message, try subscribing to it again or talk to any customer service support.

Advantages of Add-on packages:

These add-on plans are beneficial for the people who work from home. Anytime they run out of internet, they can add an internet package of their own choice up to 50 GB.

These add-on plans are also beneficial for people who do not have internet connections at home. We all know that not everyone affords an internet or cable connection. People find it less costly to subscribe to any internet package and use social media on the phone. People also watch their favorite movies and series with mobile internet.

For such people, add-on the package is a blessing. If they consume all the data before its valid date, they can get more internet over a small amount of money. Add-on plans are also good to use for those who have a high consumption of the internet on daily basis.

Some mobile companies also offer free ads on data for their consumers. For example, if you have subscribed to an expensive package, they can give you an extra add-on plan of 50Mb as per their offer. Mobile companies give free ad on to promote their brand.

As more people will shift to that specific mobile network when they hear the free ad on the feature.

This free data has a validity of a few days and if the user does not consume it in a limited time, then it will be expired.

The trend of this free add-on data has started during the coronavirus lockdown when people were working from home. To facilitate them and make things easier for them, mobile companies offer free add-on plans to some selected customers.


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