My11Circle Best Fantasy App For Cricket Lovers

My11Circle Best Fantasy App For Cricket Lovers

For a long time in Indian society, sports viewing was met with stern responses ranging from, “What will you get from it” to, “You should focus on studies.” Then things changed, and they changed for the better. The sports started getting better reception from the middle class and the fans found themselves armed with a cheeky yet wise response thanks to fantasy apps for sports.

The boom in the world of fantasy apps got a major shot in the arm through My11Circle – a platform where users could put all their wisdom – curated over the years with endless hours of sports viewing – and get returns out of it. Actual winnings directly in their bank accounts! In just the three years since its inception in 2019, the fantasy gaming platform rose up the ranks to become one of the market leaders in this category.

The standout feature of MyCircle11

My11Circle is not the only player in a market which has tapped on the imagination of the Indian masses, but what’s made this platform stand over other competitors is a product innovation which has helped the users experience the thrill of competing by directly playing against the legends of world cricket. What initially was considered just a product innovation was later also used as a great marketing tool to lure the users.

What’s the secret recipe of My11Circle’s success? What makes it the best in the market?

The answer is experience. Experience is a virtue which can’t be created or bought. It’s the result of years of patiently pursuing a skill and waiting for the fruit to ripen. Having run multiple games under the Play Games24x7 platform, the team at MyCircle11 which is also the brain behind RummyCircle, has put all its learnings to good use to create an app which has games running 24×7. So, regardless of when you wake up or go to bed, you always have something on the app to test your skills and make your account swell.

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Keeping in mind the comfort of the user, the app has been designed in a way that the user finds it easy to join either the cash or free daily fantasy game.The detailed lobby complemented with a smooth interface means that the eyes don’t get lost on the screen and are immediately locked on the feature the user wants to avail.

What does a first time user need to know?

When a user logs onto My11Circle, the app exposes him to a variety of sporting events happening across the globe and from the same page the user can get into the world of immense possibilities of winning real cash by participating in the games.

Some of the other pages on the platform share tips and tricks which the user can try to win big on the app. But success in sports fantasy games is not just a result of knowing tricks, it also demands knowledge of what’s going to happen. So, there are dedicated prediction articles and informative pieces from the experts to help the user make an informed decision while selecting a team.

In the last decade, the rise of the Indian T20 League has made the world stand and take notice of the Indian cricket community. My11Circle too understands the potential and popularity of the league and how it impacts the life of a cricket fan in India. The widely followed league opens the opportunity for the player to enjoy almost two months of non-stop cricket while participating in different leagues of choice. The enormity of the tournament demands a separate page for all the information related to it. So, from match predictions to expert advice to how to effectively win some real cash throughout the tournament, it’s all covered on the dedicated page.

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So, when someone says My11Circle is the fantasy app for cricket lovers, it’s not a comment in passing or a loosely made assessment, it’s a statement with a lot of merit – backed by logic, facts, data, and testimony of those who love the game and continue to get rewarded on the platform by flaunting their skill and milking their passion.

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