Online Classes Vs. Offline Classes (Which one to choose)

Online Classes Vs. Offline Classes (Which one to choose)

The past few years have brought an unexpected shift in the education system. In a time when no one had heard about online classes, the pandemic brought the concept of virtual classes which has now become the new normal.

Now that the pandemic is over, shifting back to offline classes has become hard. Students are more comfortable taking online classes which is why so many institutions have introduced online courses.

Parents have always preferred the conventional methods of education which is why it is difficult to make the choice between online and offline classes. This article will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both and determine which is better for you.

Online Classes Vs Offline Classes

Online Classes

The advancements in technology have made online courses beneficial for students all over the world. They help you have quality education from the comfort of your home or office. Online classes are convenient, flexible, more affordable and time saving. They let you interact with fellow students and teachers while cultivating self-discipline. Online courses nowadays have highly skilled teachers so there is no compromise on education.

Offline Classes

Offline classes offer a conventional way of learning where traveling costs are incurred, a lot of time is consumed and there are rigid learning schedules. In such a fast world, such location-centric learning and high chances of distraction can not be spared. Students want to use this extra time for something meaningful and productive which they can do when they are enrolled in online classes.

The choice between online classes and offline classes is obvious. Online classes take the lead but why choose online classes over offline classes? You will get your answer as you read below.

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Factors why you should choose Online Classes over Offline Classes

  1. Teaching Methods

The number one factor why students prefer online classes over offline classes is the methods of teaching in online courses. Students are provided with a wide range of learning resources which help them understand and gain knowledge better than offline courses.

Offline classes have restricted resources for learning which only let students learn what they are taught. With online classes, students can use the tools and resources for as much research as they want to do.

  1. Management of Time

One of the biggest advantages that students get when they take online classes is that they do not have to worry about managing the time for going to the campus on time. The amount of traffic these days drives students crazy to reach on time. Moreover, students spend so much time on their commute which lets them have very little time for studies.

Online classes save all this time, letting them have ample time for studies as well as they can spare some extra time for leisure or a part-time job. Online courses let students manage time more effectively.

  1. Flexibility of Classes

Online classes let students study at their own pace which is a benefit they won’t get otherwise. This is a great benefit students get if they are working or have other commitments. They can take the classes when they can make time in the day.

Offline classes do not offer this flexibility which is why a lot of students lose a lot of their precious time either attending to other commitments and missing out on classes or missing out on work opportunities while attending classes.

  1. Interaction between the teacher and student

It is a common misconception that during online classes there is no interaction between the teacher and the student. Instead, the student and teacher interact more efficiently during online classes as compared to offline classes.

In offline courses, teachers are reluctant to solve any queries students have because they have to manage their time accordingly. During online classes, students can ask questions to teachers even after the classes are over. Teachers are very cooperative and do not get agitated by any of the student’s questions.

  1. Doubt-resolving methods

As mentioned above, online classes offer doubt-resolving methods as compared to offline classes. Students can ask as many questions as they want to their instructors during the class or afterwards.

You can also drop your questions when you are studying through online learning resources and your instructor will respond to you as soon as he or she sees them. As compared to offline classes, the doubts of students are resolved more easily and efficiently.9

  1. The Practicality of Subjects

As far as theory is concerned, online classes let you have all the learning resources to study theory. But what makes online classes more preferable is the practical part of the courses. In online courses, instructors let students practice on various assignments, projects and quizzes so that students can practice the practical subjects and learn while making them.

Moreover, online courses for practical subjects such as coding are preferable. However, one drawback that students face while taking online classes is that they cannot indulge in sports and other extracurricular activities that they would otherwise do if they were enrolled in offline courses.

  1. Technical learning

This is an era of using technology and tools. When you get enrolled in online courses, you are more likely to get a hold over the usage of applications, tools and software programs. When you graduate, this technical knowledge will help you in your work and other personal life agendas.


Online classes are preferred over offline courses when students are given a choice. Online courses let students have a convenient and more flexible routine as compared to offline classes which is why students are more willing to take them.



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