10 Crucial Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2022 and Beyond

10 Crucial Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2022 and Beyond

There’s just something about Pinterest that catches one’s attention. Is it because it’s a photo library full of anything and everything you can search for? Is it the endless photo trove of ideas that you can pin, organize and share? Well, it’s all that and more. It’s like Google and Instagram meshed together. And if you’re in business and marketing, you’re already probably using this—or have been recommended to use Pinterest. With almost 480 million active users monthly, it’s only getting started.

But first, here are interesting Pinterest statistics you might want to know to further understand why it’s an excellent platform for inspiration and marketing to begin with:

  • Its market value is now about $50 Billion
  • It’s at the top 15 of the world’s most active social media platforms
  • There are now more than 5 Billion Pinterest boards to date!
  • More than half of the percentage of its users are outside the US
  • And of its Pinners, more than 85% of them have been influenced by Pinterest to buy something

It’s not surprising now that as a visual search engine, users have turned to Pinterest to get those products in mind come to life, with references (even feedback) and other contributing ideas (from pins and boards of other users) that collaborate and influence their buyer’s journey.

As a business owner and digital marketer, you’d most definitely want to get into the world of images and inspiration and see opportunities to bring your business and product forward in this social media age.

Here are 10 Pinterest Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know:

  1. Multi-Product Pinning

Pinterest is an image-rich platform—a visual salad, if we may say. From dynamic images, inspiring visuals, illustrations, to recipes, product ideas, gift ideas, travel ideas—you can pin almost anything. 

And if you’re marketing via Pinterest, you’d not just want to pin one per post or article. Multiple pins are the way to go. Include numerous products in your pins, and it can increase customer engagement. 

With the same board theme and a solid branding, create other pins with the same flow and purpose. Add in your other products, showing your users that you can offer more than just one product. Other than that, an array of options for your target market is always a positive thing.

Through multi-product pins, users have an increased chance of lingering around your board and other pins, providing an increase in click-through rates and possibly influencing their purchasing decisions.

And of course, never forget to link them to your website or other social media platforms, increasing traffic.

2.   Set up that Business Account

Pinterest does not just benefit the women who dream and are finding inspiration from this haven of visuals, but business people alike. You can actually set up a business account when you’re on Pinterest. 

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When you go for a Pinterest Business account, you can run more ads, gain more traffic, and help increase leads for your product. You can also incorporate a “shop” button where customers can easily navigate, click through and shop directly via your Pinterest account. You can set it up to link them to another page where the products are found. 

Aside from this, setting up Pinterest for business allows you to have full access to analytics wherein you can monitor and evaluate the strategies you’ve been working on to bring your brand forward.

When you set up a business account, make sure you add your location and your brand/product description- basically, what you or your business is all about. You can then link it to your site or another social media account.

3. Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

Integrating your Pinterest account into your other social media accounts has proven effective. Not only does it add to the traffic to your other platforms, but it also increases the curiosity level of your customers as to what else you can offer.

Linking the pins straight to your other accounts, your product or brand can have the visibility it aims for. When you post via your Pinterest Business account, you can easily add a link to the image you have shared and add other hashtags as you wish.

Many marketers have been doing this, not only via Pinterest but vice versa. If they have ongoing marketing campaigns, they ensure that it’s consistent in all social media platforms and link it all in.

4. Quality Images are the Bomb

Of course, this is Pinterest. And you just don’t want to put out and deliver something that is underhandedly below standard. You need to provide quality images that will serve as your content for this platform.

Remember that the images you post and pin will affect your branding and influence the overall impact you can have towards your target market. Since Pinterest is a visual image search engine, you need to level up the quality of photos, images, graphic banners, illustrations, posters, and other visual marketing campaigns that you are set to deliver. You can use photo editors or text to image API to create high-quality pictures with texts.

Quality and dynamic images draw attention, increase curiosity, and influence click-through rate. Other than that, just think of your branding and what you can offer your customers—even with just an image, it can communicate something significant.

5.  Mind Your Analytics

When you think about long-term strategies and goals for your business, always remember that data and analytics are here for the long haul. You need to monitor, assess, and evaluate areas of your campaigns and strategies that contribute significantly to your business. Simultaneously, you need to check where you need improvement and see if you can outrank the competition.

Pinterest has its own Analytics. Since it is considered a visual search engine, it is expected that there are algorithms in place, especially for pins, boards and user behavior. You can explore this, check and review user behavior, discover their interests and what other profiles are following them. Pinterest Analytics offers insights on how you can improve your marketing strategies as a whole.

  1.   Pin Valuable Content
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You do not just want to randomly pin something or create a board without planning and brainstorming beforehand. Since you are running a business or marketing a brand or product, you might want to do it as professionally and as relevant as you can.

Pin valuable content. Content that matters delivers your message and attributes significantly to your branding. Pinterest is one of the widely used visual platforms today. It makes sense if you keep delivering dynamic, engaging, and quality content for users to discover, learn from, share, pin and draw inspiration from.

But what makes a quality pin catchy, dynamic and engaging?

  • Add a concise yet appealing description to the image. Add keywords that can establish your SEO footprint.
  • Consistency in the photos you post and pin. Whether using the same filter or design element—keep in mind that it has to coincide and attribute to your branding. 
  • Add links that work. Nobody wants to click a photo and then it leads nowhere. It taints your branding image and decreases the level of trust your possible customer can have towards your business. Test those links before putting them in.
  • Use graphic and photo editing tools as necessary. You don’t have to spend a lot on these tools as some can be utilized for free. Not only that, you can still deliver quality and professional-looking images while maximizing the use of these photo editing tools. Explore them and identify what fits your style and standard.
  • Use short videos and dynamic photos. Yup, gifs and quick videos are also getting a whole lot of attention on Pinterest. Some users prefer moving images, and it won’t hurt to pin content in this output from time to time.

7.  Interact!

Yes, this may not be like Facebook or Instagram, where it looks more dynamic and interactive, but you can still increase customer engagement here on Pinterest. When you have garnered a following and are consistent in putting out relevant pins, some users are sure to comment on your pins.

Once a comment is placed, it is an open door for interaction. Of course, it gets more dynamic and exciting when a conversation takes place. It has that relatable human factor in place and will add to a solid marketing strategy.

8.  Break Ground in your Boards

There are countless ways now to create dynamic Boards on Pinterest. Mostly, it is done thematically and based on the data and analytics you have garnered. You can identify which fits users’ interests and preferences. You can then use that to deliver content and images to increase engagement and drive traffic. 

Pins that pique user interest vary and are a complex universe to start with. Movie pins, travel pins (these are massive!), fashion pins (in different decades even!), recipe pins, holiday ideas pins, house interior design pins and many more.

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You can plan and be detailed about what relevant content you can place under the pins that you have put out and compile in a share-worthy board and can be drawn inspiration from.

9. Serve it with SEO

If you have important and valuable content, it is best to utilize the SEO advantage in this platform. Since Pinterest is considered a search engine for images, some algorithms exist here. You can ride on this and incorporate it into your account.

Use keywords that matter and will be attributed to your brand or business. Identify keywords that will be relevant throughout your Business Account—from your board descriptions to image descriptions—use keywords. Just add a description and incorporate keywords that will redirect users to your page/profile.

Just bear in mind that it can be initially tedious, and you’ll have to experiment with which keywords work in the beginning, but once you have established this, you’ll see traffic come in. Identify and discover what works for you and serve it in a hot plate of SEO.

 10. Connect in Group Boards.

Yes, you can create a community on Pinterest. By curating a group or community board, you can open it up for users to actually share and add to the mountain of inspiration you have started. It is a great and dynamic idea to keep things engaging and valuable for everyone. Other than that, the content that you choose to put out there will receive recognition and attention when everyone is interested in the same thing.

The insights that you get from Analytics can help you with this and establish a more meaningful group board experience. You can also explore other group boards within your circle and see if you’re into the same niche. Then you can begin connecting and collaborating. Beyond the business and the marketing, you can use Pinterest as a platform to communicate with different people and establish a community that contributes inspiration to each other.


It’s easy to see what’s trending on Pinterest. It’s a platform where you can explore rabbit holes upon rabbit holes of inspiration beginning from just one pin. It is such a complex world to be explored. And thus, you need to maximize this platform as part of your digital business strategy. You just have to be on it at some point.

The potential of converting users to buyers on Pinterest is a huge possibility. As a platform that is maintained solely by visual outputs and inspiring images, you can be sure to keep the curiosity at play and the pool of inspiration increasing at a significant level.  When you play the right cards and establish solid marketing strategies, turn things to your advantage.

So when you’re serious about marketing on Pinterest, capitalize on quality content and visuals; utilize the magic of SEO, and don’t forget the human element—interact and connect.

 Author’s Bio:

Shelly Solis is the co-founder of SaaSLaunchr.com, a digital marketing website where you can find valuable services for your SaaS business, from SaaS SEO to content marketing. 


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