Unusual Ways to Promote Your Personal Finance Business

Knowing the best way to promote your personal finance business and your products can be a bit, to put it mildly, of a challenge. However, by promoting your business in a combination of ways, you are bound to have at least some success.

Different people react in different ways to product promotions, and this is also true of the different styles in which you can promote your business.

Social media

With social media platforms being constantly looked at by millions of people, either for entertainment, information or socializing, it is vitally important that you tap into this wealth of potential customers so that you can propel your personal finance business forward.

When it comes to social media, you can either post literature about your business and the products and services that you are offering or make your promotions a lot more interesting by using video.

It is important that you make your posts and videos interesting and not overly salesy, as you could find that you may put your viewers or readers off looking at your posts.

Introducing either yourself or a member of your team could be beneficial as most people like to see a face to connect with rather than just a business name or website address.

Offline advertising

There are a few different ways of doing offline advertising, such as the more classic leaflet through letterboxes, posters, or postcards in store windows or adverts in local magazines or newspapers. However, the more subtle but still very powerful way of advertising is to use your employees as mobile advertisements for your business by way of issuing them with either good quality work uniform or casual gear with your business’s logo or slogan printed on it.

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As you have a personal finance business, you are not going for the usual work uniform, which could consist of face masks, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and boots. You could be looking for promotional items they will want to use out and about when they are not at work. This could be items such as cooler bags, tote bags, outdoor wear, as well as other useful items.

All items will have to be of outstanding quality; otherwise, they will not be used and therefore not seen in public, which will totally defeat the object of the game. There are businesses that will not only supply the items but will offer their services in designing a logo or slogan if you do not have one for your business already, as well as be able to customize any of their products to your own specifications. It is important when choosing the business to do this for you that you pick one that is renowned for its quality, as well as for the different styles of items available to you, such as anthem branding.

Online advertising

Dealing with online advertising can be a particularly tricky option to deal with in personal finance, especially if you do not know what you are doing or are not overly confident with your SEO skills. Getting it wrong can be a costly business, and you may not even realize that your hard-earned money is going to waste.

SEO is not just about getting traffic to your website, but it is about getting good quality traffic to your website. Good quality traffic should result in a hefty percentage of customers actually buying your products or services. However, just opting for traffic could very well result in you getting plenty of clicks but no sales whatsoever.

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It is, therefore, very beneficial not only from the amount of work that is required but also from a cost point of view to hire professionals when it comes to SEO and online advertising.


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