Prospects for the use of cryptocurrencies as payment

Prospects for the use of cryptocurrencies as payment

If ten years ago there were a lot of skeptics about the transition to virtual assets, today not only large companies, but also individuals are paying with crypto. So what happened? How did it happen that banks and government regulators were sidelined? Now there are also many companies which will simplify your payments, an example is Bitcoin Mixer. With them you can quickly and easily pay or buy something. We suggest you understand this question in detail.

If we talk about the prospects of payments in cryptocurrency and in general its spread around the world, it is important to consider two aspects:

  • Technological
  • Organizational

The first one will be responsible directly for the security and storage features of cryptocurrency, including double encryption technology and distributed data storage. The second is described by the absence of a single issuing center, which would issue cryptocurrency, withdraw it from circulation or manage the rate (as happens with fiat money). According to some experts, cryptocurrency payment in Russia was “ahead of time” because the state itself was not ready for an active transition of financial transactions to the virtual plane. Thus, the process of how to accept cryptocurrency payments received three stop-factors at once: legal, infrastructural and opportunistic. And each of them has put its own stamp on the industry’s prospects and the ability to buy whatever one wants for cryptocurrency.

Crypto Salary Pros

Before agreeing to an employer’s offer of digital money, you need to understand if this option is right for you. Experts believe that cryptocurrencies have many advantages over traditional payments.

  • Cryptocurrency wages can be received instantly. There is no need to wait until a bank transfer is processed and the money arrives in the account.
  • There is no attachment to a specific bank in which you need to open an account. Cryptocurrency is transferred to any suitable address, and then the employee chooses which card or account to withdraw the money to.
  • Usually, salaries are paid in stablecoins, the exchange rate of which refers to the dollar 1 to 1. Thanks to this you can not be tied to the national currency, if you work in international companies.
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What you can buy for cryptocurrency and where you can pay with virtual money

Despite the difficulties with crypto in some countries, companies are increasingly integrating virtual assets into their business. And today, the answer to the question of what can be paid in cryptocurrency is “everything,” as there are almost no areas where crypto does not appear. But it is worth noting right away that payments with digital assets are only possible in a limited number of companies, but such organizations are present in many areas of the economy and business. The most in-demand have been:

  1. Retail, where crypto is accepted as payment for both everything and certain groups of goods;
  2. Small businesses, which include, among others, e-commerce;
  3. Catering establishments ranging from fast-food to restaurants;
  4. companies related to tourism and travel;
  5. Real estate;
  6. Transportation;
  7. Gaming industry.


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