Python as a programming language: Exploring the reasons for its continuous growth and popularity

Python as a programming language: Exploring the reasons for its continuous growth and popularity


Each level programming language comes with its pros and cons. The situation is no different for python. However, Python has one of the greatest following in the world. This is one language that is regarded as a generalist language. Its usage for subjects like data science and machine learning is irreplaceable. The popularity of Python has made it one of the most trending programming languages globally. In fact, Python training in Malaysia is becoming so popular that it is attracting students from other regions of South Asia.

Let now examine some of the features of python which have led to its popularity during all these years.

The learning sequence and associated ease

It is believed that Python is the programming language that is best suited for beginners. This is due to the ease of learning which is associated with this language. Not only does it provide a clear syntax but it also provides creative solutions for solving a complex problem with a lot of ease. The syntax of this programming language can be mastered in a week or two. In addition to this, the large availability of online resources makes it one of the most popular programming languages in the present times. The role that this programming language plays in Data Analytics is simply phenomenal.

Doing more by coding less

There is a very little amount of coding which is associated with Python when compared with other languages like Java and C. We do not need to write long sequences of code to get the task done. Python allows us to automate tasks in very few lines of code. This allows us to work on other aspects of the task as the burden of programming is substantially reduced.

A storehouse of resources

Python is popularly known for its storehouse of diverse resources. There are also a lot of add ons which are available with this programming language. A large community is associated with the development of numerous features for this language. The ease of using libraries enables us to solve nearly every problem at hand.

The continuous growth

The growth of python can be associated with its versatility. This is a type of language that constantly reinvents itself. It enables the developers to adapt to the latest trends without resorting to a top-down approach. In addition to this, other programming languages can be easily integrated with this programming platform. It has been designed to cater to the most complex tasks and engineer the most lucid solutions possible.

Concluding remarks

Python is a programming language which is the brainchild of various data scientist around the world. The application of this programming language is slated to increase by leaps and bounds shortly. Professionals with Python skills are most likely to be hired for lucrative jobs. We conclude that Python is going to acquire much more importance in the near future given the way the domain of artificial intelligence is expanding.


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