Rasayanam: Best Ayurveda in India

Rasayanam: Best Ayurveda in India


Ayush Aggarwal founded Rasayanam with the goal of bringing the true goodness of Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic brands in India which are supplying clinically tested products and comply with the standards of the market. In that scenario, the Rasayanam was launched into the market. Promoting good health, our Ayurvedic herbs are processed in the scientific manner.

Rasayanam’s alternative medicines and Ayurvedic products enhance health and vitality by assisting in the creation of a synergetic coherence between mind, body, and spirit.

India’s Pure and Top-Rated Ayurvedic Products

Pure Shilajit, Kashmiri Saffron,Sleep+ and Testoboost are the products which our company is offering to the customers . All the items are approved by FSSAI and evaluated for comprehensive safety & quality standards. For example, Heavy metals are examined in Shilajit because natural sources of fulvic acid might have a high concentration of heavy metals. This substantial metal presence will have a negative impact on the individual’s health. Each product is  tested and  verified for its safety and quality. Here are some benefits of Rasayanam Products specially saffron-

  • Intake of Saffron in pregnancy is good for mother’s immunity and reduces blood pressure.
  • Crocin and crocetin have antidepressant properties, and protect brain cells from further damage, reduces inflammation, and aid weight loss. Drinking Saffron milk improves mood, memory, and learning abilities.
  • In Pregnancy stage, saffron reduces acidity, improves blood flow, and  stimulates
  • Saffron can treat mild to severe depression as Saffron herb has antioxidant  properties and also help pregnant women avoid mood swings by reducing anxiety, sadness, and irritability.
  • Saffron in pregnancy which has antispasmodic and antinociceptive properties also helps in alleviating muscular spasms and relax joints, reducing muscle pain.
  • Doctors recommend that drinking Saffron milk everyday benefits skin cells and accelerates the ageing process. Saffron’s active component, crocin, is very helpful. According to a 2018 lab research, crocin possesses strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative damage by neutralizing free radicals.
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Rated Ayurvedic Products

The firm works with the best health professionals that are well-versed in medicines  and have a thorough understanding of Ayurveda herbs.


Rasayanam is the best place where you can get high-quality Ayurvedic goods at reasonable prices. Our company is expanding its business and launching new products that address all health needs of one individual. Besides, the other products we are offering are Shilajit, Testoboost and Sleep+. Shilajit boosts immunity and enhances brain productivity. Consisting of Fulvic acid, shilajit has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As iron deficiency is the main problem found in many individuals, shilajit is packed with multiple nutrients. Before intaking shilajit, always take the suggestions from Doctors. Testoboost is  an ayurvedic blended herb consisting of Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Safed Musli.  Testosterone is a key hormone in male body system. Testosterone booster increases the libido and muscle masses.  On the other hand, sleep+ is a herb consisting of Valerian root, Chamomile and Lavender and  helps in sleeping. All the products are certified by FSSAI and clinically tested by the experts. However, all the products are available on Amazon and flipkart. To know more about our products, please leave your queries in the comment section.




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