Rigid Box Packaging for Small Metal Hangings and Accessories

Rigid Box Packaging for Small Metal Hangings and Accessories

An intriguing product display can influence the purchase intent of shoppers. You can add an enticing appeal to your metal décor accessories using engrossing packaging. Captivating boxes carrying the butterfly, leaves and other patterned mirrors, wind chimes and other items would draw the attention of the potential customers. If you have just started your e-store and want to build rapport with the buyers, make the most of packaging for creating memorable shopping experiences. Boxes giving insight to the consumers about the artsy and contemporary decorative items you are selling would compel them into exploring all your offers.

Packaging for delicate items has to be resilient and riveting. Rigid boxes would not only provide safe storage and handling solutions for your products but you can also utilize them for promotional efforts. For instance, tell the shoppers about an upcoming flash sale through packaging. You can promote a new product collection by giving its sneak peek. Boxes with details about your customer rewards and discounted deals would encourage the buyers to shop more. Do you have a trusted printer to assist you with custom designing and printing the packaging?

If yes, discuss the kind of items you have to package and any inclinations you have regarding the boxes’ designs and styles. Take a dig at the packaging your competitors are using and ask the vendor to come up with a creative and unique box idea.

The tips in this post will give you inspiration for printing hard to ignore packaging!

Boxes with Funky Artwork Details

Packaging for small metal accessories ought to be attractive and lively. You can use images, symbols and pictures on the rigid boxes to make them appealing. Text should be minimal and catchy. A one line description about a product would be enough at the front side of the boxes. Have your brand’s name and slogan embossed on the packaging.

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Sturdy Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Packaging for brass and other metallic décor items have to be sustainable. When selecting the material for boxes, evaluate thickness and flexibility of available stocks. Cardboard packaging is lauded for its strength and finesse, full color printing makes the boxes engrossing and enduring. Kraft paper is biodegradable and if you want to endorse the go green concept, you can get your packaging manufactured with this recyclable material. Raised ink, UV coating, window and glossy/matte lamination are some finishing choices you can consider.

Packaging with Inserts and Instructions

Boxes for edgy and sharp items must have care instructions and protective inserts to avoid any unpleasant situation. Provide cautions on how to take out and place a mirror or hanging at a high place if there are children at home. Make sure that all the products are bubble wrapped before they are packaged and shipped.

Connect with more potential shoppers by listing your Facebook and Instagrams’ links on packaging. Do you take orders through messenger or WhatsApp? Mention your most active channels of communication on the custom rigid box.

Packaging should be sealed but don’t turn it into a hassle to open and carry. Boxes should have dimensions of an accessory, the metal type it is made of and info on cleaning and caring for it. Your stores’ locations on packaging would enable the buyers to find you in their vicinity.

Packaging Republic has made printing fun and affordable. Pick your favored box template and specs from the website to place your order. You can avail design support for your packaging, for details, message or call the team!

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