Are you aware of the insane increase in e-commerce globally? 2020 might not be a good year in so many ways. However, you can’t neglect the fact that it was a golden period for the online trade. The e-retail sales were at their peak. According to sources, more than 2 billion people purchase goods online, and the sales were in trillions. These stats change the future of e-commerce globally. And no doubt, it also shows an impressive impact on Pakistan’s online trade.

To name Shopify as one of the popular platforms for e-commerce would do absolute justice. You can imagine the popularity of Shopify by this written fact that today on Shopify, there are more than 1 million stores. Before digging into how Shopify work and the tips & tricks of this business, let’s talk about its history a little.

History of Shopify 

We will keep this short for you. Shopify has its roots from back in 2004. Like every other, it was a small business at first. Its founders are Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake. They were looking for a stable platform for their snowboard equipment store. And from there, they made history.

In 2006, it was officially available for the public to start their own business. To put it in simple words, Shopify is a stable, reliable, and easy-to-use platform.

What is Shopify?  

Now is the time for the proper introduction of Shopify. It is a platform that allows you to open your own shop and sell your product online. However, now they extend their services to offline stores as well, but that is another story. Shopify covers everything for your store, from the domain name to a website for your store, its management, and even drop shipping services are available.

Unquestionably, Shopify is a complete package if you want to start an online store.

How Shopify works?

In the Shopify guide, your last lesson is the working of this platform. To start, you need to open your store, which is basically the website for your store. The customer visits your store and places an order. The order goes to the shopping cart. After that, the customer pays for its purchase and receives a transaction email. Now, you have to fulfill the order. The order can be complete in two ways.

  1. First, you make the shipment voluntarily.
  2. Second, you opt for the method of drop shipping. Dropshipping is the procedure in which Shopify proceeds all the shipments itself. You do not need any inventory for the product storage. Your product is store in the Shopify inventory, and from order to delivery, everything is under the control of Shopify.

After the shipment, the only thing left is the cash for you. First, the money goes to your Shopify merchant account, and from there, to your business account.
Shopify Dropshipping Website Development

From above, you might get the idea that the only work you need to handle is the website for your store. Shopify will take care of the rest. It left you with only one job, which is the development and management of your website.


However, web development isn’t the cup of tea for all. Your website should be presentable and customer-friendly. It is your first impression, and you surely want to give your best shot. That is why it is always preferable to look for a Shopify web development company. A web development company will help you make a well-organized website with all the latest tools to make usage easy for you and your client.


The website doesn’t need development only. Your website should be presentable. A website that gives positive energy will do good for any business. The theme should be awe-inspiring, and the overall design should be easy to handle. Many companies are offering Shopify web design in Pakistan which is pretty convenient for merchants.

Shopify SEO

Now you have the idea of website development and design. We can talk about the tips & tricks for managing your Shopify website. Always keep in mind that only the outer appearance isn’t enough. You should provide your customers something more than that.


Think about it that there million stores other than yours. Can you survive in this big fish market with only a fancy website? That’s where you need to use your skills. Offer your customers something unique which will attract them towards you. And the key to all of this is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO will help you to pull the relevant audience for you from this enormously big platform.


SEO can be of several things. We will talk about each in detail below.


  • BLOGS 

It seems that not many merchants do blog for their website, which is a chance for you to make an exception. As you know, blogs are pretty popular these days so, if you create a different page for each type of product, you can create content for every page.


The SEO of blogs will likely have more chances for your store to make it into the customer’s recommendations.



Remember that proper keywords are crucial. So, research appropriate keywords which will match your product. The more general the keyword is, the more competition you will have. And sometimes it is reverse to this. The more unique your keyword is, the fewer chances you have to attract traffic. It is because not many people search with unique keywords on the internet. That is why a little research will do good for you.


The other thing is keyword optimization. There are two types of keywords one is primary, and the other is secondary. You might need to use your keywords wisely. Not too much, not too little. And proper placing of keywords is of high importance.



Create authentic traffic should be your priority. The paid clicks would be of no help. Make your profile look so strong that you don’t need to pay anyone for few clicks. It might take time to build an organic audience for your store but risk it at any cost. You will be in profit unquestionably.


Second, comes organic content. The content you upload on the website should be plagiarism-free. Either you are posting a blog, meta description, or marketing content, everything should be 100% original.


Do you find yourself capable of all the SEO stuff? If not, then don’t hesitate and take the expert’s help. You will find many companies that are offering SEO services in PakistanYour Shopify website is your virtual store, make it convenient for your customers to utilize it, and for the web development, you can trust on No doubt they are the best Shopify developers you will find in Pakistan.


Shopify has proved itself as one of the comfortable e-commerce platforms from the merchant perspective. Many famous brands have gained a good reputation and prospect from Shopify, and if they can make it, you can too.


Start business with Shopify now if you haven’t done it before. And in this journey, if you need any form of assistance, such as Shopify web development, its management, SEO, plagiarism-free content, marketing content, or any other services, then you can always rely on



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