Server Colocation hosting: future of all hosting solutions

Server Colocation hosting: future of all hosting solutions

Are you planning to build your business sooner or later? Then the budget of building an IT infrastructure might be worrying you.

It becomes impossible to accommodate all the resources within an IT infrastructure especially when you are starting new in the market. Server colocation hosting is the best hosting solution for all budding business architects.

It helps you in building an IT infrastructure without worrying about the hosting resources and their accommodation.

When you server colocation, you enjoy the benefits of a bigger IT infrastructure without extending your budget constraints. The colocation hosting providers have their dedicated data centers in India. This is why they can support your growing business needs. So, let’s get to know more about server colocation hosting –

How does server colocation hosting works?

Colocation hosting is a unique kind of hosting in which the hosting provider leases space within their data center in India. The data centers in India provide the space for housing your server and manages your requirements too.

Although the server colocation hosting provider will not be responsible for the hardware and the software, they take full responsibility for maintaining a secured server environment.

Unlike cloud hosting, in server colocation hosting, clients have to come up with their hardware. They lookout for a hospitable space for their hardware and software. Whereas in cloud hosting, your cloud hosting provider provides the hardware along with the hosting space.

Server colocation hosting is quite different from managed hosting as well. When the latter takes responsibility for the management and maintenance of the servers, the former is only responsible for maintaining your server by providing the perfect hosting space.

What businesses should consider colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is the best choice for businesses that have their hardware and software resources sorted out. Your colocation hosting provider prepares an ideal space for your resources to get housed in the space assigned. Space is assigned as per the plan bought by you.

These server colocation hosting providers take the responsibility of providing the best server environment through stellar server management. But whenever any resource-based need or expansion pops up, then the colocation clients have to deal with it internally.

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Thus, server colocation is the perfect fit for clients that do not have dedicated server management and expertise to support growing server needs. The server colocation provider does not meddle in between the server operations and rising requirements. Hence there is no physical contact colocation between the hosting provider and your hardware unless you ask for additional assistance.

Exceptional services of server colocation

Most people are confused about the services that come along with a server colocation hosting plan. Sometimes customers feel that they are paying unnecessarily just for space. They are unaware of the fact that there is much more than space that colocation host offers. Let’s get to know all about those services –

  1. Security– A. A colocation host constantly monitors the location where your server has been housed. They incorporate world-class security measures such as monitoring cameras, biometric access, and identifiers, that keep your server secured from all kinds of cyber-attacks. No access is allowed to any unauthentic person unless it’s a member authorized by the client itself. No one even is allowed to come close to the client’s hardware. The data centers in India of the colocation providers are certified for the security of your hardware.
  2. Disaster recovery– The colocation hosting plans that colocation hosts have can be rarely found and cannot be expected especially from an on-premise server setup. The server colocation providers place their data center set up at remote locations which are generally located far from disaster-prone areas. They have advanced backup strategies like generators to create excellent strategies while power outages. To strengthen their disaster recovery, colocation hosting providers tie knots with multiple internet providers. It is to ensure that if any of the ISP goes down then the other ISP is instantly ready to serve.
  3. Power resources– Your colocation hosting provider will provide electricity and other power resources 24*7 within the data center space. The power resources include energy backup like generators whenever there is a power outage. Such continuous availability of power resources guarantees optimum uptime.
  4. Top-notch cooling– Servers continuously emit a significant amount of heat, which generates the need for a good quality cooling arrangement. But to beat such heat you will be needing a big investment that is unaffordable for small businesses. But if cooling is not provided on time then can lead to damages to your server resources. An ideal server colocation provider has in-built cooling capacities that protect your server resources from getting overheated and further extend hardware life.
  5. Storage– Storage has always been a big issue with the on-premise server setup. That is why businesses lease space inside the data center space of the colocation providers. The clients can choose from the plenty of racks as a stand-alone cabinet within the server. Clients can lease cabinet or partial cabinet space as per their requirements. But if your business has some specific requirements like enhanced security to meet the industry standards like meeting certain SLAs, then the option for suites or private cages are the best options. These private cages are fully secured enclosed rooms within the data center space.
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Wrapping up: Server colocation is the future of a hosting solution that is nothing like those traditional hosting platforms. Once your server is moved to a collocated data center space, you get 24*7 expert support. They know what is best for your server and have the mandatory expertise to meet all the needs. This keeps your mind free from server duties so that you can focus on core business operations.

So, get your server collocated so that you can also focus on the real business needs and their growth. Factors like server security, network hardware, etc. will be looked out by your server colocation provider and associated data center in India. Hence, quickly find a scalable colocation server environment to kick start your small business within budget.
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