Serverwala Dedicated Server China: Get High-Performance For Your Business Websites

Serverwala Dedicated Server China: Get High-Performance For Your Business Websites

A Dedicated Server is the need of every web developer, webmasters, resellers, entrepreneurs, and much more. It is also best for the users looking ahead to expanding their online business presence by introducing it on various platforms. This business upgrade process is a challenging task and not easily possible for every user. This is because every user, whether a business person, entrepreneur, individual, or any other, starts their web hosting with a shared platform. With the passing time, they didn’t find it necessary to upgrade their hosting.

After trying the shared hosting, you can have a broad range of web hosting options available. From them, most users like to switch their hosting from shared to VPS Hosting. While some users find it worthwhile financially to technologically hop from shared to Dedicated servers or bare metal Dedicated Servers.

In both situations, if you have decided to opt for the Dedicated Server China Plans, then just let me tell you more about it or bare metal servers.

Know About Bare Metal Dedicated Server China

Dedicated Server China

A Bare Metal Dedicated Server is a physical single tenant server in which various users share virtual server resources such as compute, storage, RAM, bandwidth, and much more. It comprises highly compelling and powerful resources; that’s why it is also called single-tenant physical servers or managed Dedicated Servers. But when it comes to China based Dedicated servers, you get your own private space for website hosting. Along with this, you get a broad range of dedicated resources and world-class services. Thus, it would be easy for you to maintain and manage the complete server on your own.

You may now be aware of what the Bare Metal Dedicated Server is. But do you think when you should require it? Not yet! We will let you know when you can start your hosting on it.

Why You Require A Best Dedicated Server in China

Best Dedicated Server in China

You should require a China Dedicated Server in many situations. The popular reason is when your website outgrows with the existing resource limits. Let’s see some situations that influence you to switch your web hosting to a China Dedicated Server.

  • If your website hits with the high number of Visitors
  • You want to run multiple websites on a single server.
  • You want to run standard and critical applications on your server.

These are the primary reasons that let you know that it’s the right time to shift your hosting to a Dedicated Server.

When You Should Shift on China Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server is one of the powerful web hosting types that best for hosting large scale websites such as Ecommerce sites, Web portals, Educational sites, Shopping sites, etc. A Business owner and user may require this web hosting for various reasons. Let see the crucial reasons that let you choose the Dedicated Server in China.

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#1. To handle a Volume of Traffic

If your site gets a lot of visitor traffic and gets sluggish continuously, you should shift your hosting to the Best Dedicated Server in China. This is because it gives you a robust platform that is compatible with traffic spikes. So, it can handle the high traffic easily during busy hours of sales. In simple words, it can easily handle the traffic fluctuation on your website.

#2. To Keep User Data secure.

To protect your website data and sensitive information, you have to shift your hosting to a Dedicated Server Hosting China. This is because it gives you high end data security measures to keep your data highly secured from unauthorized access and hacks. It provides you SSL security with a unique IP address to ensure your website’s sensitive information, customers’ login details, transaction details are highly secured.

#3. To Improve Ranking in SERP.

If you are running your site on a shared platform, it may affect your site ranking due to your neighboring sites hosted on the same physical servers. It automatically affects your site performance and puts your ranking down on SERP. Therefore, shifting your site to the Best Dedicated Hosting China is a smart move. This is because it is devoted to one website, ensuring high availability of resources. This leads to enhancing your site performance and improving site ranking in SERP.

These factors let you clear when you should shift your hosting. But, you also need to find a reliable web host that provides you the Cheap Dedicated Hosting China and round a clock support facility. So, let’s check out whether serverwala best suits you.

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a well renowned and leading web host provider from India, serving its hosting services since 2015 globally. The company offers various kinds of web hosting services, including Shared, VPS, Cheap Dedicated Server China Hosting, Cloud Server, Cluster Server, and a Colocation Server. The company was also awarded for serving world class services such as High security, Huge Storage, reliable network connectivity, hardware specifications, and much more across the globe. Because of these leading services, they have gained users’ trust and successfully made more than 10,000 happy customers worldwide.

Serverwala: Best Plans and Packages of Dedicated Server China

Dedicated Server

A reliable web host plays the most crucial role in migrating your hosting to a Dedicated Server. So, if you are also looking for the Best Web Hosting Provider in China to buy Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. You can choose the Serverwala Cloud Data Center

. This is because the company understands your business requirements. It provides you affordable and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans and packages inclusive of all the reliable services to enhance your website performance.

Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server China


Let us look at their principal features of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting that serverwala provides you.

#1. Control Panel Options

Serverwala provides you a wide variety of easy to use and user friendly control panel options that are easily manageable. With the best options, such as Plesk panel and Cpanel control panels, you can easily manage and operate your dedicated server. In short, server maintenance and management become an easier and smooth task with the Dedicated Server China Hosting.

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#2. Operating System Options

Like the control panels, you are free to choose an operating system with dedicated server hosting. With options like Windows OS and Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS), you are flexible in picking any of the operating systems as per your need for control panels.

#3. Host Unlimited Websites

A Dedicated Server never restricts or limits you to host websites like a shared hosting or VPS server. With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting, you have your own private space to host any number of websites or web applications as you want.

#4. SSH Root Access

The company provides you complete SSH level access with each dedicated server. So, you can make any necessary changes and configurations on your own. Also, you can install tailor-made applications or software as per requirements. Moreover, if you found any unnecessary or unuseful applications, then you can easily uninstall or remove them from your server.

#5. Guaranteed High performance

To get the highest performance for your website, you need to ensure to choose the right web host. This is because only the right web host can give you the highest uptime of 99.99% to keep your site high performing. Moreover, you will get the highest level of performance with the Dedicated Server.

#6. Complete Customization Flexibility

A Dedicated Server enables you to customize or shortlist the necessary resources from a broad list according to your website needs. So, you can create a customized server and add the resources and services you require. Also, with the addition of resources, you can remove any third party applications, scale up your bandwidth needs, increase disk space and do much more.

#7. Scalability

In Dedicated Server China Hosting, you have no restrictions to employ resources & services and no boundaries to boost your resources. You can easily scale up and upgrade your resources, bandwidth, storage needs, and much more as per your website requirements.

#8. Rock Solid Security

On the China Based Dedicated Server your site data and sensitive information can highly be secured because of the level of security you get. It gives you DDoS protection, SSL security, FTP protocol, VPN networks, Inbuilt security software and much more. All these security measures ensure no one can harm your data.

#9. Powerful servers

A Dedicated Server gives you highly compelling and powerful resources, robust hardware specifications, and the best in industry hardware equipment to deliver optimal performance and 20X faster server speed.

Customer Review

Customer Review

Reviews are the best source to know more about your web host presence, their services, and support. So, here we show you some serverwala’s top reviews that help you find out how it’s Dedicated Hosting best for you.

Bottom Line

With all the exclusive features and cutting edge services with the best pricing that Serverwala offers, Dedicated Server China Hosting must be at the top for the enterprises, business persons, and individuals looking to make their website high performing. Therefore, you can experience increased performance, fast speed, reliable network connectivity with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting.

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