Setting up a home office more productivity in 10 steps

With the emergence of the coronavirus, social isolation has become a necessary health measure to protect everyone. As a result, companies needed to find solutions to restructure the way they work and adapt to the new scenario. Thus, the home office gained space around the world.

Even before the pandemic, the practice of working remotely was already beginning to be adopted by World companies, but it was only with COVID-19 that this work dynamic stood out. In addition to protection, the measure also proved to be very advantageous, both for entrepreneurs and employees.

The success of the home office points to the trend that remote work is here to stay and innovate the organizational structure of companies. Many companies intend to adopt a hybrid model after the pandemic, mixing the home office with face-to-face meetings. Therefore, many people also needed to hire better internet packages, such as frontier internet plans.

Faced with this scenario, having adequate space for the practice of the home office becomes increasingly necessary to ensure productivity, comfort, and the necessary focus to carry out daily tasks. To be able to create such an environment in your apartment, be sure to check out the tips shared below.

1. Choose a distraction-free environment

Working from home is not always easy. As much as there are several benefits in this format, which is still new for many people, you can’t escape some situations, such as possible distractions — even more so if you don’t live alone. Therefore, the first tip is more than important, it is essential so that your activities are not interrupted by external situations. Therefore, when setting up a space to call your own, prefer the most secluded environments.

It may not be a good idea, for example, to have a bedroom and an office together in the same space. That’s because, possibly, it will be difficult for your brain to disassociate the different functions between your bed and your desk at work. That unoccupied room in the house or even a space in the living room can be good allies, believe me!

2. Decorate it as you like

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate space, it’s time to start imprinting your personality on it. But decorate for what, anyway? Well, know that decoration can make the environment so comfortable as to directly influence your mood and, consequently, your productivity.

If you are a fan of series, movies, or bands, it is worth investing in visual references, such as paintings on the wall and even action figures of characters on your desk. If you are setting up a home office to study at home, post-its, colored pens, books, pen stands from and an organization board end up becoming decorative objects.

Whether from a modern, clean, classic or even retro style, it doesn’t matter, what counts is the good intention when planning your home office decoration and that, after finished, you feel good in the environment, since you will spend some considerable hours in it.

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3. Invest in good home office furniture

Furniture is also part of the decor. However, much more than having and collaborating with good aesthetics, they must fulfill the functions they intend correctly, be durable, and collaborate with your health. So, invest in quality products. Better to have a single big investment than to keep the discomfort of working in a chair that leaves you with back pain and then having to deal with the physical consequences of the situation.

A great way to save money when setting up your home office in an apartment is to take advantage of the objects and furniture you already have at home. Accompanied by a comfortable chair, the dressing table can work as a table for your notebook, so you don’t have to occupy more room space with a new piece of furniture.

Another option is to give new meaning to old pieces that are sitting around or that you can find for a very affordable price in used furniture stores. A door and two easels can be transformed into a modern table and wooden boxes can be painted and placed on the wall to serve as shelves, for example. Also, improve your internet to ensure your advantages at home.

4. Don’t give up a good light

Adequate lighting is one of the points that cannot be forgotten when setting up the home office. This is because she can eliminate reflections, thus avoiding possible visual problems, which can interfere not only with her quality of work but of life. If possible, ask a professional to help you understand and plan the lighting you need for your work environment. Surely he will be able to evaluate several details that may go unnoticed to our eyes.

5. Keep only what you need

One of the tips for creating your workspace is to decorate it. However, this does not mean that it should become a polluted place, full of things that will not be used and will only serve as a distraction. Therefore, keep only what is useful to you and your activities close by.

There’s no point in taking up a lot of space on your desk with a printer if you don’t use it often. Maybe she doesn’t belong there. Oh, and it’s worth remembering that getting rid of the unnecessary is important, yes, but keeping the necessary is fundamental.

6. Create a decompression area

In a quick Google search, it is possible to find the following definition for the word decompression: “the act or effect of decompressing, of relieving what is under the effect of pressure or compression”. Work is often a generator of moments of tension, which is possible in all professions.

To relax, the so-called decompression areas are an excellent idea. They can be anything from space to have a coffee to a simple puff for a few minutes of reading. You can create this space within your own home office, or in another room in your homes, such as the living room or bedroom. Here, the essential thing is to discover what calms you down and not forget the predominant intention of these environments: rest!

7. Keep the space organized

After defining all the above issues, know that organization cannot be left aside in everyday life. Just as occupying space with unnecessary items can contribute to distraction, a dirty and disorganized environment is also capable of negatively interfering with your commitments and your creative process.

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So, avoid small situations that can contribute to clutter, such as accumulating papers or eating at the office, which can damage the durability of your items and even attract insects. Book a specific day during the week, preferably Monday, or even Saturday or Sunday, to sanitize the space properly and get everything in order! You will start the week with another mood.

8. Remember your health

Investing in good furniture and keeping the space organized and clean are forms of self-care, as these issues can directly influence your health. When setting up a home office, it should not be left out, on the contrary, it should be one of your priorities.

Dusty environments can cause the proliferation of mites, which end up collaborating with the development of respiratory diseases in humans, such as rhinitis and asthma, and also skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis. Here’s the importance of good cleaning.

The lack of a simple laptop stand can encourage incorrect posture and result in pain in the lumbar and cervical regions. Not to mention that this is a situation that can disrupt your computer’s cooling, causing overheating and increasing the chances of irreparable damage to the machine.

9. Purchase ergonomic accessories

Speaking of incorrect posture, ergonomics is a science that studies and seeks ways to make working conditions healthy between people and machines. When adhering to the home office, the propensity is to leave some of these measures aside, as we are not under anyone’s supervision. However, this is a big mistake.

One way to improve the situation is to invest in ergonomic accessories. Currently, it is possible to find a series of items that aim to protect certain parts of the body, such as ergonomic mousepads, forearm supports, wrist support, monitor support, footrest, among others.

Together, these objects can, little by little, alleviate uncomfortable physical situations that can, even, later on, become diseases and interfere with your performance. This is our last suggestion for you to set up your dream home office!

10. Multifunctional furniture optimizes space

Multifunctional furniture is a great ally for those who have a more limited area in the home office and need to optimize space. It is possible to find folding tables to leave the area free when you are not working or even tables and ottomans chests, which provide more storage space.

Other interesting pieces are furniture, those with wheels or detachable, which can be easily moved around the house: these models are ideal for those who like to change environments a little in the home office. In addition, this type of furniture facilitates the daily life of those who do not have much space at home and work in a shared room.

The environment is essential for productivity!

There are several ways to set up a home office, and it all depends on your style and the equipment you need to perform your daily tasks. Regardless, you always need to think of a comfortable and quiet place for you to work with more organization and convenience.

See how setting up a home office is not as complicated as it sounds? Following most of the tips above, especially those that are affordable, such as keeping the work environment clean and organized and taking care of your health, the difference will already be noticeable, be sure! Remember to search for good frontier wifi internet plans that will also optimize your daily activities.

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