Spike in Machine Learning Courses is a Good Sign

Spike in Machine Learning Courses is a Good Sign

Compared to 2015, machine learning course fees have seen a dramatic spike.

And, that’s a very positive sign — because, AI ML trainers today are far more experienced in data science courses that ensure you, as a learner, have a much higher chance of earning industry-recognized training from the best in the business.

In my career of 10 years as an AI ML analyst, I have come across tons of resources on the various ongoing research in the domain, in addition to many that promise to teach Machine Learning curriculum in a month. Yes, that’s possible — but it all depends on what kind of technical background you have in the field. I am often asked many questions by students and professionals looking to enroll in a data science course.

“What is the ‘Machine learning course fee’?” remains the top question for probable candidates looking to join a data science certification program. Apart from the fee of the machine learning course, here are the top questions that candidates ask course counselors –

  1. What is the duration of the AI ML course?
  2. I don’t have a science background. Can I still pursue this course?
  3. Do I need to learn coding and programming to start in the AI ML course?
  4. If I don’t have a scientific background, will my machine learning course fee be any higher?
  5. What is the benefit of pursuing an AI ML course in the pandemic?
  6. What is the average salary of a trained data science professional in India?
  7. Does the Indian government / state government provide any kind of job opportunity for certified professionals in data science?
  8. Apart from the IT and Cloud services industry, which other engineering companies hire Machine Learning tool developers?
  9. What would be my job role / designation once I earn ML certification from the institution?
  10. Is the course valid in other countries, like the US, Canada, and the UK?
  11. Top industries that are hiring machine learning professionals

Justify your Machine Learning course Fees: Learn these too

In addition to training in Machine Learning, you can add a totally different dimension to your career path by training with various open source programming languages, including Python and R.

If you are interested in Python programming, keep an eye on our top resources.

Top industries that are hiring machine learning professionals

These are the top technology domains that are hiring trained ML analysts and trainers like you:

  • Customer Data Management Platforms (CDPs)
  • Wireless O-RAN for 5G and IoT
  • Image Recognition and Fraud Detection
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Cloud Security and Risk Management
  • Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics
  • Containerization

Given the current IT modernization and Cloud migration developments, the job of an AI Machine Learning professional has become extremely critical to the success of digital transformation journeys. From on-site IT management, companies are now moving to hybrid Cloud and Virtualized / Serverless environments.


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