In a game as deep and rich as Destiny 2, it can be a case of being a kid in a candy store when it comes to weapons.  Of course, finding what works best in modes like PvP can be a big head-scratcher, so here we’ll have a look at what works best in this highly competitive mode.

Understanding PvP – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

In Destiny 2, one of the game modes offered is Player vs Player (i.e. PvP), where you join a team of four or six and do battle in the Crucible against other players.  There is a range of different ways to play PvP, such as the deathmatch Clash, the more strategic, territory-based Control and the plant-the-bomb vs stop-the-bomb based Countdown.  Putting into account all the different ways to play, it can be a careful matter in choosing Destiny 2’s PvP weapons and figuring what works best with which mode, or finding something that can work on any mode at all.  Preferably, it’s best to have something that can bring down enemy Guardians as fast as possible.  As a result, time to kill (or “TTK” in gamer’s terms) is on the menu here.

Best Hand Cannons – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

For hand cannons, the top tier includes the Ace of Spades, which sits as the top dog on this list. At 140 RPM (rounds per minute) and having recently been given a range buff, it’s easily one of the wisest choices.  Other choices are the True Prophecy, the excellent feeling Sturm and the Hawkmoon with its wondrous stats.  A once dismissed weapon from the Deep Crypt Raid, the Posterity, should also be mentioned as its mega base stats and impressive perk selection.

Best Rifles – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

The finest primary weapons for PvP are not simply limited to just hand cannons.  Amongst the more meaty weaponry available, there’s the No Time to Explain pulse rifle.  One of the strongest of its type, it duly lives up to its name with a mercilessly fast TTK that ranks as one of the quickest out there.  Another option can be the Gnawing Hunger auto rifle. The massive magazine and sweet handling recoil alongside some choice PvP perks are just a few valid reasons for it being a top choice.  Others that can prove useful are the IKELOS_SMG_V.1.0.2 submachine gun (a mouthful of a name, but the feel is a dream), the MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle with a movement speed bonus and decent TTK and the Stars in Shadow pulse rifle as its High-impact means a TTK of cruel speed for opponents.  It even has solid perk options.

Best Shotguns – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

Starting off the special weapons, we have shotguns and fortunately, there’s a great selection for those wanting to conquer PvP.  The Chaperone and its helpful range mean it’s got the longest headshot distance of any shotgun.  With the right practice, this can be an angel of doom for enemy players.  Felwinter’s Lie however stands as the top dog of its kind thanks to its brilliant one-hit-kill ability from a distance.  Other solid shotguns include the Heritage, a prize from the Deep Crypt Raid and boy is it worth the toil.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find another shotgun that handles as sweetly.  Beyond that, there’s the Astral Horizon, the number 1 kinetic spread shotgun and the lightweight Seventh Seraph CQC-12.  With that low weight comes much faster handling and seeing how speed is critical for PvP play, it’s definitely worth a try.  Not to mention, its Quickdraw and Vorpal weapon perks give you a massive boost.

Best Sniper Rifles – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

Compared to the more pick-up-and-go style of shotgun play, sniper rifles have a steeper learning curve, but once mastered they can be just as lethal. The Adored is good for not being hard to use while remaining brutally powerful. The Cloudstrike is worth a look as well. It’s not the best to handle, but at the right moment, it can make you a killing machine. If its so-so feel still isn’t your speed, then there’s the Eye of Sol and its helpful aim assistance. Although, beware of the tough-as-nails farming for this one.

Best Fusion Rifles – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

A couple of fusion rifles must be talked about if we’re discussing great PvP weapons of choice: the Bastion and the Telesto. The Bastion is a sort of pulse/shotgun hybrid and with easy handling, it’s a fun weapon to use. The Telesto on the other hand didn’t get nicknamed “the Besto” by the fans for nothing. Play it within the window of opportunity and you’ll be treated to one-hit kill and multi-kills galore.

Best Rocket Launchers – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

Just a couple of rocket launchers make the cut here. Going for the Wardcliff Coil is possibly the best you can get, easily dispatching foes like fish in a barrel. That said, it’s hard to beat Deathbringer for the pure fun factor. It launches remotely detonated projectiles that blow upon your release of the trigger and the results can be destructive brilliance.

Best Machine Guns – Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

Like the rocket launcher, its fellow heavy weapon, the machine gun gets two options that are primarily the best, though it should be said machine guns make for excellent PvP guns. First, there’s the Commemoration, which can net you great success and then there’s the Xenophage. Through its explosive rounds, you can become a beast in wiping out Guardians. It can even kill those behind cover. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best for tackling the Crucible.


Although PvP is a steep set of stairs to climb, there are plenty of tools to give you a big boost and what’s better is the variety is large enough to suit almost any player’s needs and playstyle. While some of these weapons are not the easiest to obtain, they can easily prove they’re worth the trouble once you visit the Crucible.

Hand cannons: Ace of Spades, True Prophecy, Sturm, Hawkmoon, Posterity.

Rifles: No Time to Explain, Gnawing Hunger, IKELOS_SMG_V.1.0.2, MIDA Multi-Tool, Stars in Shadow.

Shotguns: Chaperone, Felwinter’s Lie, Heritage, Astral Horizon, Seventh Seraph CQC-12.

Sniper Rifles: Adored, Cloudstrike, Eye of Sol.

Fusion Rifles: Bastion and Telesto.

Rocket Launchers: Wardcliff Coil and Deathbringer.

Machine Guns: Commemoration and Xenophage.

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