The Future of Co-Working Space

The Future of Co-Working Space

It is only in recent years that the concept of coworking gained popularity. Thanks to its many benefits, this flexible arrangement has been working well for large companies and small startups alike.

Though the lockdown put a halt to this growing culture, the coworking industry has not given up. Instead, it has improvised and adapted its spaces to meet the new requirements.

Social Distancing and Safety Protocols:

The pandemic still hasn’t been eliminated. And while social interaction may have resumed in various forms, coworking spaces are still attentive to the need for strict safety measures. Shared offices have rearranged seats to ensure that there is sufficient physical distance between each person. Regular cleaning and sanitization routines have also been implemented along with the compulsory mask-wearing requirement.

Multiple Locations for Convenience:

Most professionals have been looking forward to working in an office environment. However, lack of transportation has forced them to continue working in their own homes. Coworking companies have now set up safe centres in multiple locations so that individuals have the option to work in an office whenever they need to.


In a world full of diversity, it is important to have options for everyone. Coworking spaces offer various types of seating arrangements with flexible terms and affordable prices. This allows both individuals and large companies to find an option that suits their requirements.

Along with the flexible seating option, coworking centres also have specialized spaces like private cabins for entrepreneurs and plug-and-play offices for BPOs. Over the years, the coworking industry has developed various unique solutions to match the changing professional landscape. So, no matter what the future may hold, coworking spaces will always provide a perfect office for everyone.

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Benefits for Individual Professionals:

Coworking companies offer great professional office spaces without the rigidity of a commercial rental agreement. With a seat at a coworking centre, an entrepreneur or a freelancer can focus better, achieve more, and impress clients with a professional address.

Coworking centres have also provided the option of a virtual office for those who travel a lot or just don’t need a physical office space. With a virtual office, professionals can obtain a prime business address without having to actually have to maintain an office or visit it every day. Extremely convenient, indeed!

Benefits for Large Companies:

Post lockdown, large companies have been struggling to find enough space to resume work with proper social distancing. Renting more commercial office space would be too expensive and would also require more cleaning and maintenance. In order to avoid the extra hassle and expense, companies have started placing their employees at coworking space near their homes. This system has helped me resume work in a safe and systematic manner.

Many companies have found this arrangement so convenient that they plan to continue with it even after the pandemic! Each of the occupied coworking centres would act as spokes while the original office remains the hub. The wheel of success is finally complete! It’s time to roll right into the future.

The coworking industry has dealt with the hardships of the real estate industry as well as the fierce and ever-changing demands of various professions. And through it all, it has only grown to be more innovative and efficient in its solutions.

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Having adapted so quickly to changes in the past and the requirements of the present, the coworking industry has paved the way to a promising future.

Are you ready to try coworking and come along for the ride?

Author Bio:

Author:- Rohit Gawli

Profession:- Co-founder at OfficeBing – Your one stop solution for Coworking Space, Flexible Offices & Ready BPO Setups.

OfficeBing is a co-working solutions company that has built a chain of industry-specialized office spaces in various parts of India. With a powerful technology platform, they aspire to meet the dynamic business needs of both office owners (space partners) and occupants (customers) at every step of the way.

OfficeBing is now ready for the new-normal conditions and has started reopening its offices as per government-recommended safety protocols.

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