Thermostatic Mixers: Your Best Buddy to Protect You From Burns

Ever had a bad experience of getting your fingers burnt from hot water? Ever felt irritated to do the perfect mixture of hot and cold water to bathe when you are already late to work? Then this article is a must-read for you. Now you can avoid scalding your fingers and always be on time to work by simply fixing a valve to your existing pipe. These valves mix right and serve water of your specified temperature to the shower. The Thermostatic Mixing Valve, shortly known as TMV, is a control valve that takes charge of the water temperature at the outlet. This finds use in both residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

Burns due to hot water cause lifelong physical impairment with scars. In Australia, about 5800 people get admitted to hospitals due to scalds and burns per year. This is something very concerning. It is a safety valve that prevents you from scalding or thermal shock. When there is a failure of the cold water inlet, it immediately closes the outlet so that; you do not contact the hot water. These valves function for protection from scalding in elders, children and physically disabled people. One can use them at hospitals, schools, homes, aged care facilities, restaurants, etc. The thermostatic mixing valve is more accurate with 1 degree +/- than the tempering valves.

Why Should You Consider a TMV?

1. Avoid Scaldings

The tolerable temperature of water differs from person to person. One may like to shower at 60 degrees centigrade, whereas the other may prefer 35 degrees centigrade. The preferences may even differ for each activity, from bathing to dishwashing. The thermostatic mixing valves make it possible for people to set preferred temperatures. It avoids burns and scaldings. In case of no inlet of cold water for mixing, the outlet shuts down to prevent burns. It assures 100% safety and confidence, especially for old and physically disabled people.

2. Avoid Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs due to a sudden change in the temperature of the water. For example, if you are taking a shower with hot water and suddenly it gets cold, you experience a shock. It may not look serious, but it is consequential and can lead to some disorders.

3. Simple Installation

The TMV has cutting edge technology and requires easy installation. It does not require any changes to your pipeline connections, the walls or the tiles.

4. Legionella Free

An aquatic bacteria called Legionella can survive warm temperatures of water. These bacteria thrive in warm water and multiply more effectively; in temperatures between 68 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

They can grow in hot water tubs, water heaters, swimming pools and more, leading to Legionnaires disease. When one switches off the heater to prevent themselves from scalding, there are a lot of chances for these bacteria to grow and cause bacterial pneumonia. When you have a thermostatic mixing valve that would prevent this problem, then you do not have to stress about bacterial growth.

5. Increase in Resale Value

Having a Thermo mixing valve can increase your property’s resale value. It is an additional feature your house or building has for which you can increase the price. People expect smart investment while buying any property. Nobody would prefer to invest or make changes after buying them. So it is essential to make these modern improvements to your homes.

Why Is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve Better Than Tempering Valves?

  • They have more accuracy (1 degree +/-) to the specified or set temperatures than the tempering valves (3 degrees +/-).
  • They last longer than the tempering valves, which require reinstallation every five years.
  • They respond quicker than tempers.
  • You can repair these valves if there are any issues unlike, tempering valves which require replacement.
  • Only plumbers with a specific license can install thermostatic mixing valves. So one can expect a quality installation as they have more knowledge and experience than others.

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