Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Dash Camera

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Dash Camera

Modern dashcams are extremely useful thanks to the abundant features these little devices have been installed with. But, this has also decided on buying the right one that suits your requirements quite challenging. A dash camera is an essential tool if you are driving a car. It has many benefits for drivers of vehicles. It will help you identify whether there was a mistake on the other side of the road, and it can help settle disputes with insurance companies. With the dash camera available at, you can eliminate the risk while driving. If you are looking to buy a dashcam for your car and depend heavily on its functions and usability, then it’s a good thing that you decided to do a little research before buying one. You need to consider numerous things before choosing one for purchase. No one denies the primary function of the dashcam is to capture and record video footage since it’s essentially a camera device. However, there are a lot of features and functions that can prove to be pretty valuable to you, depending on the kind of requirements you have. Dashcams offer advanced GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, crystal clear image recording, backup battery, night vision, and so much more to the user.

We understand that it can be hard to know where to begin when buying a dashcam nowadays. This is why we have put together this piece of content that contains valuable information to help you choose the dashcam that will fit your needs perfectly!

Camera Quality Requirement?

The camera quality of your dashcam. These devices have many handy features, but undeniably the most important one is the overall quality of the primary camera. A higher-quality camera can record video footage in high definition, which is extremely helpful if the details of the accidents are required to prove your innocence. And so, the first thing that you should consider is the maximum camera resolution of the dashcam you want to purchase. Camera resolution decides how clear and detailed the captured video footage will be, which is directly related to the usability of the recordings as evidence. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to opt for dashcams that record videos at a resolution lower than 1080 pixels. Obviously, the more the pixels, the better the results will be, and having a clear image and video footage is essential since government officials will never use a blurry video recording or still images as a means of evidence to judge a case.

Will You Be Driving at Night?

Another valuable feature of the primary camera is the ability to record crystal clear video footage even at night. This function is especially critical for people who drive at night mostly. Dashcams that are unable to record clear video footage in the night have become outdated because driving at night is inevitable and in the late hours is when the reckless and drunk drivers come out on the road! Without the night vision feature, your dashcam will be utterly useless at night times, and if somebody crashes into you, the footage will be of no use. Night vision could potentially be the difference between having solid evidence to prove your innocence in an accident or not. Dashcams with this feature can easily record clear, detailed high, definition video footage even in dark situations. Meaning there will always be more than enough details in the recordings to understand precisely what happened.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Thanks to modern technology, dashcams can now be accessed through wireless connections. With the Bluetooth features, you can use your handheld device to connect to the dashcam and use all its features from your phone. You can watch live footage that the dashcam records using the built-in voice command system, GPS, or other device features. Through the Wi-Fi function, you can set your dashcam to automatically upload the captured footage onto a cloud server where it will be stored and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the required credentials.

Need Navigation, Tracker & Speed Monitor?

If you love going out on road trips or running a company where you need to provide automobiles to your employees, this feature will come in extra handy. Dashcams that come with a built-in GPS allow the users to plan out their road trips and use the most convenient, safe, and pleasant route to reach their destinations. These navigation systems also significantly decrease drivers’ chances of getting lost during their road trips in unfamiliar areas. The extra location tracking and speed checking feature could also be valuable to some users. It allows the owner to track the vehicle’s live location while accurately monitoring the speed at which it is being driven. Parents of teenagers who have just started to learn to drive the family car would love to supervise their children’s drive using the car. A company owner who has to lend out multiple automobiles to employees for business operations can use this feature to monitor their live location to check whether they aren’t misusing the company vehicles. They can also check the speed at which the employees drive the vehicle and take appropriate actions if someone decides to speed up.

Need to Record Lengthy Footage?

One of the main options of the dashcams that people tend to forget is the device’s storage capacity. High-quality video footage takes up a lot of space, which means if you are opting for a high-definition camera, you need to ensure that your dashcam has a storage capacity that allows it to capture and save a sizeable of video data in HD. All dash cameras come with a small port of built-in storage, usually starting with a 4GB storage capacity. However, if you require the dashcam to record the whole of your road trip or need it for professional purposes, you should add more storage capacity to record at least footage of a few days consistently. Modern dashcams come with a MicroSD card slot, which you can use to add the extra space you need. It is recommended that a 64GB MicroSD card should at least back up the dashcam.


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