3 Tips for Using Chat Apps While Gaming

3 Tips for Using Chat Apps While Gaming

There is something fundamentally social about gaming and this is why so many gamers have as much fun chatting as they do fighting demons, vampires, zombies and a whole host of terrorists. It gets especially exciting when playing team games and this is when you are most likely to find them chatting away as they work their way toward the enemy lines. Fortunately, gaming chat apps have come a long way over the past several years and so it is finally possible to keep a conversation going while happily working the controller, or keyboard. At present there are many cam chat options available that are not just limited to gaming site

Even so, it isn’t always going to work to your advantage to get involved in a heavy chat for a few reasons. Let’s address some of the problems gamers experience when chatting and then maybe look at a few tips to ensure that the game is as safe as it is fun.

 1. Beware the Dangers of Chatting

The first tip you should be aware of when chatting while gaming is the fact that there are several inherent dangers associated with the chat apps most players use. If you are just chatting with a single friend you happen to be playing with, the dangers are far fewer. However, the one concern that many parents and older gamers have is in terms of undesirables entering the chat room. If it’s a party chat, then anyone in the game can join the chat. This leaves the door open to sexual exploitation, bullying, and predatory behavior of all kinds. This is not something you would find in the best high roller online casino games because the players are all older and not so easy to fall prey to the dark side of chatting.

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2. High Quality Headphones and Mics Are Essential

Distractions, distractions, distractions. There is nothing worse than trying to chat with low quality headphones and microphones. If you are really into chatting while playing team games, it really would be in your best interests to invest in a high quality, noise canceling microphone and headphones, or a gaming headset. Even though you are trying to keep your attention on the game while you chat away, it’s almost impossible to do if you are being subjected to ringing and buzzing and popping and random voices you can hear in the background. That’s no fun at all!

3. Don’t Get Carried Away

One of the real ‘dangers’ of chatting when playing a heated game would be your inability to focus on the screen before you. Although it isn’t really a danger in the true sense of the word, it could be bad if you and your friend are so involved in what you are saying that you are letting the rest of your team down. This is usually the case when young adults get together and according to Pew Research, this is where you will find them because the numbers speak for themselves. What Pew found was that approximately 97% of ALL 18 to 21 year old males in the US play video games but only 83% of females that age do.

Older gamers might not have the same concerns that younger players are subjected to, but the fact remains that chatting while playing is quite popular. The best tip of all is to leave the chatting for those moments between plays.

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