Tips to Make Your Explainer Videos Stand Out Amongst All

Do you want to know how to create an outstanding explainer video? This read is going to help you with the 10 awesome tips & tricks that you can use during the explainer video production.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

If we recall the past, marketing was limited to brochures, flyers, or video commercials, but with digitalization, the marketing sector has also evolved with it. They have adopted various marketing trends and strategies to engage and communicate better.

Do you remember Mr. Cleaner’s advertisement, which was created in the 80s? Well, most of the other marketers and I do. Almost all-American houses started using the product when this advertisement came out. It has set a cleaning trend and brand’s value with that single animated advertisement.

Many marketing and video production agencies even quote this example in their blogs. The reason for mentioning that old advertisement is to build awareness of how much a well-planned and constructed promotional video can do for your business.

Today, animated videos are the ultimate tool in digital marketing and are highly utilized by companies to run their marketing campaigns. Almost all sorts of industries are using animated videos to engage, educate, and entertain their audience.

Here are some questions that users frequently ask about creating engaging animated videos:

  • How to create a compelling animated video? Use animation.
  • Who to hire to produce a captivating animated explainer video? Hire the best video animation studio.
  • How to create an impactful animated video? Let’s talk about it!

10 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Create Explainer Videos

When we talk about the explainer video, two things come to mind: business and audience. I have researched and collected the 10 effective tips & tricks that help to make the explainer video last long.

  1. Showcase the Brand Story

When we talk about advertising the business and brand, the story plays an important role in reflecting the brand image to the audience.

Be truthful and transparent about your business and brand story with your audience, as they can smell the falsity. Most companies communicate the actual struggle and success story behind the brand, which eventually builds the credibility of the brand in the eyes of the audience.

  1. Advertise the Idea & its Implementation

An idea will be the idea until some execution or implementation happens to bring it to life. Your brand values will never be conveyed to its targeted prospects if the animator, scriptwriter, voice-over artist, or editor will not portray them correctly.

They all are interconnected to each other, if anyone leaves a loophole, the rest will suffer, and in the end, the achieved result will never match the expected result.

So, hire the best team that understands your goals and objectives and are skilled in their roles. You can contact BuzzFlick, as they got the badass animation production team.

  1. Concise but Effective

People usually get bored with lengthy and wordy videos and prefer to watch short but highly informative videos.

Some newbies make the mistake of creating long videos with unnecessary information, which bore the audience, and before even reaching the end, viewers quit watching the video.

So, the conciseness is better. Don’t exceed the video from 2 minutes and keep all the relevant information in the video.

  1. The What, How, & Why Structure

Just remember that people are watching your video to get some useful information that benefits them in some ways.

Cover the What, How, & Why in your video: What your audience is facing (problems), How your product can fix that problem, and why they should prefer you over the rest.

Here are some time-division practices that you must incorporate into your production strategy while creating a short-animated explainer video:

  • You only got 5 seconds to hook the audience to your video, so grab your audience’s attention in the starting 5 seconds.
  • In 10-15 seconds, talk about the audience’s pain points. It will help your prospects to take an interest in the video.
  • And in the end, throw the solution in a manner that the audience’s step is to click the CTA or perform the desired actions.
  1. Keep It Simple

There are two aspects that bore the audience are lengthy videos and an unclear message. While scriptwriting, make sure that you embed a precise and compelling message that resonates with your audience.

Keep your script simple and straightforward which directs your audience to perform the targeted actions after watching your video.

  1. Customer First, Product Second

If you are a company, you must have heard this quote that the customer should always come first. When creating an explainer video, keep it client-oriented, such as how your product will solve the CLIENT’s problem, what benefits the CLIENT can get, and how the product is best for the CLIENT.

Your challenge as a company is to convince the client that they need your product and only your product can resolve their issues.

Once your audience is convinced that only you understand their issues, then they surely are going to listen, buy, and do whatever you instruct.

  1. Show more than Telling

Our human brain is designed in the formation that it remembers things more when the eyes see them compared to hearing or reading them.

It perceives visual information 60,000 times faster than a voice recording. Just remember that you don’t need to add every detail in the script that you are planning to showcase in your video.

The script can be short, but your visuals should be enriched with information, animation, and creativity.

  1. The Problem & The Solution

Create a visual atmosphere for the audience before disclosing the solution. Your main goal is to propose a solution to your audience’s problem, but being straightforward is less effective than the carefully designed scenario that revolves around the issues and later suggests the solution.

Wrap a convincing story around your core objective that your audience can relate to, and make sure that it drags your audience towards the actions that you desire them to take.

  1. The “Click” that Counts

The reason for creating the video is to convert your audience into your potential customers or take specific actions. This can only be possible if you add CTAs (Call-To-Action) into your video that redirects them to the landing or product pages.

Suppose you have provided quality information to your audience through your video, but you have failed to guide them in the direction of what to do next, then the whole video creation will be a total loss to you.

Make sure to add CTAs at the end of the video so that your efforts of keeping your audience connected won’t go in vain.

  1. Be Consistent

Creating a video for once won’t be useful to your business for long. If you want to keep your audience connected to your brand, keep launching explainers or product videos with some intervals.

You know your competitors, and you should know that competition is getting tougher and tougher each day. So, how will you win that race? By staying connected with your audience through your videos.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have found this read effective and informative, but if you are interested in explainer video production, here are the top 10 animated explainer video companies that can help you create outclass explainer videos for your business.

Otherwise, if you have any queries related to explainer videos or production, you can freely contact BuzzFlick.



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