Top 10 Tips For Email Marketing for Small Business

Top 10 Tips For Email Marketing for Small Business

These days there are many startups and entrepreneurs looking for their clients and businesses online. Through which the amount of traffic increases according to the marketing tools they use. Marketing tools these days are useful especially for startup companies, they give them an extra edge while interacting with customers and clients. As most of the activities done by customers are online, many online marketing tools have been released.

One such tool or method done by marketers is email marketing, this is done through the medium of emailing customers and subscribers, usually personalized emails directed towards a small task or goal. You can avail of exceptional email marketing services from an agency like
Email marketing has been integrated into marketing plans with the growing use of mailing apps such as Gmail, mail, etc. These have become customized according to customers and their online activities. But there are pitfalls if the process is not well executed, for instance, if the email is not optimized then the impact lessens over time and soon is forgotten.

For small businesses, having an active marketing team is essential to boost your ranking, check over here for best digital marketing virtual assistants. There are many other small businesses in the market and one major difference is the layout and execution of their marketing and ad campaigns. With more online users day after day, marketers need to come up with more stimulating forms of advertisements. Here are some useful tips every startup should follow while establishing their email marketing strategies,

The Can Spam Act

The first tip is to be compliant and it is the most important point to keep in mind while establishing interactions with customers through email. With this in mind, let’s look at the CAN-SPAM Act. This act was first introduced in 2003, to prevent customers from receiving unsolicited emails in their mail feed. The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act or CAN-SPAM Act was passed in the US during the first national introduction of the standards for sending commercial emails.

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Marketers should abide by this law and should remain compliant to it. To do so they will need to,

  • Ensure they are sending emails to people who are active subscribers in your email list
  • On your website, mention the option of signing up for the company’s email list
  • Make the process of unsubscribing to your website simple and easy. Make sure that this option is found available in every email sent

Following these steps, you now have yourself a happy customer with a well-established interaction.

Make Personalised Emails

The way most of us see emails, we are leaning towards the idea that it is suitable for professional services and exchanges. It has become a tough ordeal to grab the attention of customers lately because of this preconceived notion. Email open rates as well as click through rates are seen to have decreased over time and this is mainly due to the copy and paste methods of email marketing. This is a common commercial method used in the past however, it has proven to be less effective as compared to personalised emails.

When it comes to personalised emails, the business should do their research and present the email in such a way that it grabs the customers attention. This could be done through colourful visuals and graphics, simple but straightforward fonts and wording.

Ensure the Content is Short but Concise

Many marketing experts advise to make the content short yet concise. Breaking up lengthy messages into paragraphs and bullet points help the viewers scan the email. This method helps viewers skim through the content with only the important information being transmitted. Email marketing tips would include keeping in mind the word limit, and even adding a “P.S” at the end works well.

Add Visually Pleasing Graphics

Nowadays, every up and running companies have started adding visually pleasing graphics in their marketing strategies because it has been an effective way to grab the attention of customers. You can include pictures, embed videos and even animated gifs that work for the size of the screen. Keeping this in mind, it is always safe to optimise them for every device.

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Include a Specific Task

The emails should be simple enough for readers to understand the objective of the interaction. Say it’s better to attach the link to your website’s products and services at a place where it’s best noticed right away, a simple request of completing a task and so on. However, these tasks should be related with the organisation and should be relevant for the target audience.

Subject Line Matter

The subject line should be short and to the point, it depends on the context of the email. For example, if it is a message about a company’s sale or promotion marketers usually go for a more subtle approach rather than a direct approach as done during introducing their services or products.

Basically, the subject line acts as the gate to the actual content since it is the first thing viewed on the list of emails.

Keep Records and Tracks

With enough interaction rates keep a steady record of customers and their interests. This can help while recording customer information which are most likely referred to their preferences. As for the ones who do not show any signs of interest, make no further interactions and instead focus on the ones reeled in.

Be Aware of the Value Offered to Customers

When it comes to being a presenter, you should know what a customer wishes to read and see. Focus on the key objectives of sharing commercial emails such as advertising a product not just as it is and what it’s features does, but why it is important and useful for the customers. The value of an item cannot be judged right away through email so through the power of words and imagery, grab the interest of customers to learn more about them.

Maintain Good Rapport

After establishing the first impression, the rest of the job is to maintain a professional rapport with the clients and subscribers. Such as networking with new customers, but through online mediums. Offering customers what’s new in the market and making suggestions after reviewing the research online.


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